Good Bye January

January seemed to really go on forever.  Not that I’m complaining as who wants life to rush by?!  It’s still not really hit me that we are already 15 years into the 21st century!!! Slow down slow down dear Father Time!!

My middle had to make a residency trip to San Francisco and had a long layover in PDX.  I took the day off and the hubby and I drove in to play and explore around Old Town with her.  I love love train travel and find the PDX station just so beautiful.  It recalls an era when train travel was the norm and the stations were very grand and elegant.  Just look at the workmanship in this beauty!  Jimmy and I plan on lots of train travel when we retire.  

After roaming the streets and finding treasures among the quaint and interesting shops we had an elegant lunch at WILF the restaurant by the station.  The food was amazing.  Erica would allow no photos as she was facing a very long trip that had started at 5:30am but the hubby is always game.  Love that man!! 

It was sad seeing her board the train.  I do miss my girls and grands so very much!! 

Back home and to my horror I was missing my knitting needles.  I always travel with my knitting and had my new Hiya Hiyas size 4 circs in my bag.  Somehow they got knocked out of my bag.  Thank God for Amazon as I was able to immediately order a replacement!!  Disaster averted and order restored.  On my needles is still Swedish Shawl.  I was making headway on the lace but just kept messing up.  I finally just gave up and ripped the lace pattern out.  So discouraged I just put it down for a bit.  That happens at times with a project and I just need to walk away.  I did cast on a simple hat just so I had something going until……Rose City Yarn Crawl mystery KAL.  

Isn’t that yarn awesome?  It’s from a local dyer Shannon of TheYarnAtHomeMom.  I just love this combination and the yarn is so soft!  

First clue came out and I cast on.  I’m not sure what is going on but once again I kept getting the count off!  So out it ripped. Dang it!!  I find that when doing a pattern of any lace or intricacy I cannot watch TV as I need to count and concentrate.  But I don’t seem to learn and keep trying to do both!

Since Becca introduced me to the wonderful world of podcasts I have been wanting some of Kristin from Yarngasms yarn.  Her dyeing techniques are amazing.  But it is so difficult to get.  She does shop updates a few times a month and her yarn is sold out in 15 minutes so you have to be fast fast fast!  Well I finally snagged this

Pictures just don’t do justice!  This is her Life on Mars.  Love love love!  

Hubby and I both had a three day week end so the day after we spent with Erica we headed to the beach.  It was a gorgeous clear day and in the 50s.  The waves were huge and breathtaking! A wild angry ocean!!!

There was little beach front that was not underwater and the waves were crashing nearly up to the edge of the cliffs.  I made the error of turning my back at one point and got soaked by a wave that snuck right in and grabbed me! 

The beaches were littered with driftwood.  It just amazes me to see these huge logs dashed around by the waves.  


The Doggies just love the beach!!

After a long day at the beach a cup of cinnamon spice tea was in order.  When Erica and I were in PDX we found this awesome cup and dish towel at Anthropologie.  She surprised me with it as we left the shop!!  I’m in love!!

At the end of her residency she stopped in for a few days with her fiancé, Jaime.  Unfortunately I was stuck in training the first day and could not get away but the hubby headed to the beach with them.  Jaime had never seen the Oregon coast and well that had to be remedied immediately!!

They were kind enough to send me pics while I was sitting in my training all morning…. 

This was from my sweet hubby

How sweet is that?! 

I loved having Erica and Jaime here and we just had a great time hanging out and of course working out!!  All too soon they were loaded in the car and headed home.  But not without a load of treasures that I had been collecting up for her.

I did have a few more acqusitions this week.  Found these goodies for pennies on Craigslist.

Now to get busy and do some sewing!  I haven’t really touched the machine since the words I pieced for Becca.  I have been working some long hours and this week was a 6 day workweek.  But I plan on making some fun drawstring bags soon.  And I promise more knitting pictures next week!


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