When my knitting mojo fades….

I have let to much time pass by with nary a word written.  I hit a snag in my creativity…..yup it happens and it is always a bit frustrating.  One would think I’d just relax into it until it passed….but instead I worry that it won’t return….which is totally silly….but nonetheless…….   

It started with this darn shawl.  

I’ve loved knitting on it but I got to the lace and just kept getting the count off.  It is not a project that I can do mindlessly yet I kept trying to do it while watching the Telly or podcasts.  So rip repeat rip repeat.  I finally just put it to the side.  I’ll pick it up again sometime and complete the lace edging….but not right now.  I started on some simple hats but nothing inspired me.  Then I began the mystery cowl for the Rose City Yarn Crawl.

Looked so promising right!?  Well as the clues came in I liked the look of the project less and less so just didn’t enjoy knitting on it.  Life is too short to knit things you don’t care for!  When the final clue came and I saw finished projects I really didn’t care for it…..so I frogged the entire project.  The yarn is lovely and I will easily find another use for it. 

But two losses just stuck me in a knitting funk.  I’m just not feeling anything grabbing me…

Knitting aside, I did have a great surprise when my eldest had a seminar to attend in a town nearby so came for a night!  We shopped and shopped and as always I had lots of things to send home with her.  We stopped for a nice dinner and I managed to snap a picture.  It was great just hanging out together and visiting.  She’s busy rolling out the school gardening project in her county and was here for a seminar on that topic.  

I always have the greatest time with my girls!  They truly are my best friends as adults and I am so very proud of each of them!!  

Although not knitting I’ve been sewing and made up a few fun project bags.  I love novelty fabrics but it’s hard finding projects that really showcase them.  Project bags are a great way to make up something useful that totally highlights fun fabrics!  The bags are so fast and easy too!   I want to experiment with different designs.  

Before the move into the new house I seriously purged my fabric stash….ruthlessly!  So as I delved back into sewing I’ve had to start the stash enhancement again.  Such a problem to have…right?!  Here is just a small sample of my newest treasures


I’ve gotten so much more.  We have a craft warehouse here and I frequent it often.  I love their flat fold table and have acquired some real gems!!  The dogs on chairs and most of the fabric in the bags is from flat folds.  I’m not a fan of Joanns fabric as the quality is so poor.  I recently ordered from Fabric.com and am excited to see what their quality is like.  I scored some awesome Michael Miller prints and a few organic pieces!  Can’t wait until they arrive!!!  Loving rebuilding a stash!!  

I love Valentines Day!  Always have!  I love the colors and all the hearts and silly sentiments that are plastered on everything and sundry.  It’s such a cheerful bright pick me up in the bleakest month ever.  How clever it was to plop this bright cheerful holiday smack dab in the dreariest month ever!  My sweet hubby always gets me the most beautiful roses delivered to my work!  I love that!!


I also found this surprise on my desk 

It was anonymous, but I know just the fairy who delivered it!  I have a collection of small bicycles at work and this is just perfect for my collection!  And the chocolate was delicious!  

Work has been hopping with a great deal of exciting events.  My community is generally the go to community for piloting new programs.  I believe it is due to the fact that I have an amazing staff with a “can do” attitude and always willing to give anything a try!  Success just seems to follow in the wake.  Currently we are filming a training video to be used company wide….how fun is that! I have my team set yearly goals for their departments.  One such goal was to offer more engaging and purposeful activities.  I like to lead an activity weekly myself so decided to go with what we labeled Caps and Cuddles.  The residents are making caps and receiving blankets for our local hospital for new babies.  Here is a simple one I knit up as an example.  My company is making tags to sew on each item and designing a sweet card to go along with each gift. The residents will deliver these once a month.  I’m not sure who is more excited…the residents or me!!  

As everyone knows I love creating something awesome from cast off outdated furniture pieces.  It’s amazing what a bit of paint can do.  Imagine my excitement when I landed this treasure for FREE!  When the weather improves it will be taken out, the glass doors and center doors removed and painted black with a pottery barn finish.  I will use a contrast on the inside back of the unit.  I can so picture this piece transformed into awesomeness!!  This piece is huge and takes up an entire wall….love it!!!

So that has been my February.  Yarn crawl is next week!!  Hoping that is just the kick I need to revive my knitting mojo!!


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