March March where did you go?!

What a busy and wonderful month was March!  Lots of visitors and fun events….plus my birthday!  

The month started with Becca, Matt and grands arriving from Nevada!  Becca and I had been planning on attending the Rose City Yarn Crawl for months!  2 days 14 yarn shops and we did it!!  What fun!  Here is my haul!

I didn’t go too crazy.  But I just had to have those 2 kits, and that cone of yarn was at Yarnia where you choose the fibers and color and create your own weight which is spun onto a cone!!  Becca and I got matching.  The Nerd Girl yarn was just too fun and then who can pass up Tosh on sale?! 

But pretty minimal purchases for both of us.  See I was still in my knitting funk and had relied on Becca pulling me out but darn it all she’s in a funk too!  Not good, not good at all!  But….the reason she is in a funk is that she’s sick….morning sick!!!!  Another baby is on the way!!  That will make 16 Grandchildren…oh my!!!!

With Becca here I got in lots of loves with the grands and fun baking and painting activities! 

But wait….there is no Maddox in there anywhere!!!  Now how did that happen?!!  Those sisters were always scatting him away.  

Becca and I kept busy sewing project bags for her etsy shop and we also did this!!!

We did our first ever batch of yarn dyeing!!!  How awesome is that!  It was so fun that I am seriously addicted!!!

We did a quick trip to her fav yarn shop….I know 14 shops wasn’t enough right?!  Twisted in Corvallis where she met up with Kathy of Despondent Dyes! 

Becca and her are doing a joint project for their etsy businesses.  I adore her yarn and marketing and had to have this

One of a kind and called One Night Stand…hilarious!  With a new baby on the way I also grabbed this

The softest squishiest cotton yarn ever!  I’ve always wanted to do one of these chevron blankets!  Sounds like I found a cure for my funk!

In the midst of all this I celebrated my birthday!  This was The. Best. Cake. Ever!!  But don’t we just wish that at a certain age birthdays would stop?!  Life speeds by too rapidly!!


To add even more delight to my birthday month (if we are gonna celebrate I say claim the entire month…right?!) I had a tribe of grandkids!  Six to be exact along with their mom and Jaime.

The two teens managed to dodge the pictures….  The weather was beautiful the entire week end they were here so there were a lot of outside activities.  

Erica joined me in my yarn dying adventure and we created these beauties!

Reskeining is a huge job but really transforms the look of the yarn as you can see below!

I’m so in love!  I’m going to open up a little etsy shop to sell our yarn.  I’ve enjoyed dyeing it so very very much!  I want to knit something out of every skein!!!  

I finally finally finished the first sock in a pair I started for Becca back in November…love it!

Hopefully I won’t take so long on the second one…..  I also frogged the Swedish Shawl back to the beginning of the lace boarder and will pay closer attention while knitting that one!!!

After a very rainy winter, spring has arrived and that means more time spent out doors cleaning up flower beds and playing in the gardens.  Jimmy and I have so many plans for the yard!  

Know what else I LOVE about spring?!  It also signals the beginning of yard sales….hurray!!!  

Happy Spring!






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