Ain’t Life Grand!

I have been so super busy lately, but life has been grand!  I had hoped to blog weekly and I managed several months back to do just that…then I got busy….tremendously busy….and it just didn’t happen.  So just what has kept me so darn tootin busy?  Well let’s just take a look….



Well mainly it has been bags…..large quantities of bags.  See Becca has an awesome etsy shop and she cannot keep up with the demand. I thought now wouldn’t that be fun to do…..and here I am making at least 12 bags per week two different styles.  Please forgive the profanity….but it’s what sells….faster than we can produce them!!  But how fun it has been!  Playing with different prints and sewing again has been just grand.  Plus the nice tidy income has been sweet.  At first I only did the drawstring bags, but then added the zipper style like Becca had been making.  I just love cottage industries!!! 

The hubby had almost 2 weeks vacation and it was wonderful.  Having him home all day was just the best!  The weather was gorgeous most of the time so we stayed home and started on the dog run and patio railing.

It will be awesome when completed!  This is hubbys first venture into building so it has been a learn as you go.  But it’s looking great!  We found stacks and stacks of wood and pallets behind Lowes and they said have at it.  We grabbed enough to make numerous raised beds.  I love love love recycling, reusing, repurposing!  See that awesome work bench? $5 at a yardsale!  Love it!!!

We did escape town a few times. Once to the ocean

But mostly we stayed close to home.  Even when the rain came in again

Made us miss those 80 degree days we had for most of the week!

Since being home I’ve been focusing on trying to cook healthier and get to the gym daily.  I had been buying those awesome packs of sliced veggies that Safeway so neatly puts together.  But I finally decided I could do that myself and did just that!

And for a fraction of the cost!  I now do this weekly as we eat a lot of veggies!  My favorite new appliance has been the greatest stainless electric skillet I nabbed at a yard sale still new in the box!  While in the kitchen I tried out a new treat.  I love dark chocolate covered coconut and determined I could make my own bars with less sugar.  Well it was rather a disaster.  The coconut inside fell apart when dipped in the chocolate and the chocolate coating turned out much to thick.  But we did gobble them up anyway!

Not too pretty and looking spotty as I froze them as it made way too many!!!  I won’t share the recipe until I’ve refined it!  

I’ve not gotten much knitting in.  I do most of my knitting in the evening while watching TV but lately I’m stitching on the sayings for the bags.  I did complete one sock and am starting the heel on the second.

I adore this colorway by Knitted Wit!  The heel and toe are a left over bit of Mad Tosh.  I’ve not dyed any more yarn but hope to do so quite soon.  I did order up all the neon dyes so I’m set to unleash the creativity big time!!

It appears that one of the newest crazes for kids are these mystery bags that contain little toys.  They have a variety of choices; little ponies, Care Bears…  Emmy and Bella love the Shopkins one and collect them.  When I saw the Shopkins fabric and needed a birthday gift for Emmy I just couldn’t resist!


I made her a quickie tied fleece blanket and a drawstring bag to store her collection.  Hope to complete a little skirt this week too.  I love making gifts especially when I know it is something they will love!

Got a chance to visit with my mom, sister, and nephew over the week end.  It was wonderful.  I gave my mom and sister each a skein of my hand dyed yarn to knit up. 


I just can’t believe my mom is 89!  Time just goes too quickly!! Oh how I wish I could stop the clock!  

We did some running about and went to an estate sale then hit 2 St Vinnies!  Oh Lordy I’d not been in a St Vinnies!  How fun was it and full of treasures galore.  I’m not a fan of Goodwill so it was nice to visit a thrift shop that uses the profits to do good works.  I found these treasures

I had a few of these patterns but lost them; the little raggedys are darling made up as is the spice doll.  The others are new to me and I just adored that little elf and postcard stitchery!  I’ve a lovely collection of wonderful doll patterns as they are among some of my favorite things to sew!  

And so another month is drawing to a close.  I must try to get back to weekly blogging as I do so enjoy it.  I’ll leave you with a glimpse of my messy creating space

Ain’t life just grand indeed!



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