Summer cometh

It has been a very very busy month since I last blogged!  So much has happened in the last few months!  First I’ve not been working since  mid March and I am LOVING it!!  I have been able to tackle all those projects I had wanted to accomplish in our new home but had not had time to do!  I have stepped in and partnered with Becca on her etsy shop and that has been amazing!  Keeps me working steadily and a nice little nest egg growing!!  But first things first!  

Hubby has been busy building a dog run and framing the deck.  We had hoped to add raised beds but has not happened yet…..there is always next year for my garden.  Can’t plant a thing with the dogs loose as Misha just loves to eat all my plants!  Bye bye blueberries I planted last year…she ate two of the four plants, naughty girl!!  I have such visions for my back yard!!  Fruit trees and fruit bushes….everything I put back there I shall want edible!  I did pull out numerous of those ugly sick trees already that were boardering our backyard as they were quite hideous! 

With hubby busy outside I took the time to finally tackle this project…

Remember this large unit I drug home?  Well I had plans for it and just knew it could be awesome!  I used Behr paint in black then sanded it in spots to acquire just the look I wanted, added stain, and then coated with a wax finish.  I removed all the doors but two sets and took the back off.

Omg those carpets can’t go soon enough!!! 

I LOVE it!!  I spray painted the hardware in a burnished bronze and it works perfectly.

This year has honestly been the best ever for estate and yard sales. I had been searching for just the right dining hutch for years.  Imagine my delight when I found this beauty at an estate sale and on their half price day no less!!  $300 for this beauty!!

Check out this little drop down desk drawer!  What a sweet surprise it was to discover!!

All loaded with my treasures!! 

And…..with that hutch I could eliminate two hutches and bring out my tea cup collection!  Gotta love it!! (Note the nasty green pea yellow putrid walls above and the brownish beige walls below).

On my needles I finished one sock and have the other nearly complete.  I’ve not had much time for knitting of late. 


I did cast on another hitchhiker and this one is in my own hand dyed yarn.  It is quite exciting to knit up something in my own colorway!  This particular color was my flop….or so I thought!!  I adore how it is knitting up!!  The colors are so bright and summery!!

Even with so much busyness we still managed a visit to Minto Brown Island.  It had been so long since we had last taken the doggies for a run there.  

The fields were abloom with Lupine!  It always reminds me of my Grandma and her sister my Aunt Lena.  They were the ones who, when I was a child, made me aware of all the beautiful wild flowers and they knew the names of every one!!

With being off work I finally finally tackled a huge job that has been needed since we moved in….painting the interior of our home.  The walls were the most gawd awful colors ever….pea green, dirty brown, and one huge orange red monstrosity.  Who ever decided to paint walls numerous beige brown hues?  How did this become a fad????  It certainly dates all the 2000 homes!  Well what it did to this house was made it a deep dark dungeon!!  

Just look at that awful pea green yellowish nasty color?! (Shudder)

Isn’t this just so much nicer?  A perfect backdrop for my sweet Grandma’s lamp! The color is Behr Soothing Pink.  

Just need the proper window treatments and its complete! 

Here is where the orange beast resided (Picture below).  I did leave a bit of the beast on the ledge as it compliments my decor.  Still have to hang pics and rearrange bits here and there.  But it’s just amazing how light and airy the house feels now.  I did this area and the kitchen in Behr Chenille Spread.  It’s so beautiful and rich.  I love Behr paint!  It covered the beast in just 2 coats.  My dear sister Sue introduced me to the wonders of Behr years back and it’s all I’ve used since.  Oh dear look at those carpets!  Yes they are scheduled to be replaced with hardwood very soon!!  As a serial yard sale addict I just have to mention that the pictures, pots on the ledge, apothecary jar, globe book ends, empty books, and feniels were a yard sale steal!!!  

I’ve just the hallway, master bath, and kitchen left.  Whew what a job it’s been.  I adore painting furniture but abhor painting walls!!!  A necessary evil I call it…..must be done.  My sweet hubby is doing all the peaks with the 12ft ladder….too scary for me!!!  This week end I’m going to tackle the cupboards….paint and glaze them….first time glazing!!!

And now for what takes up most of my time!  Bags bags bags! Becca’s Etsy store has really kept us hopping!  And we just got an order from one of the premier knitting shops!!  Do Ewe Knit in New Jersey!  Stephen West hangs there!!  I’ve been busy filling that order this week plus bags for our etsy shop.  

I think what I love most about this little cottage industry is that it gives me a creative outlet (no two bags are ever the same) while allowing me to play with fabric!  Here are a few of my recent acquisitions.  I only use top quality cotton from my LQS, the fat quarter store,, and various etsy sellers.  I like knowing that I am supporting other small business owners so get the majority of my supplies from independents.  

 Oh how fun to play with all these colors and designs!  I may never go back to work outside the home again!!! 

And with that said I have bags to get sewing on!

Do what makes your heart sing!









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