And a new season begins….

My but we’ve had some trying times recently!  Hoping to see theses challenges come to an end with the end of the year!!  

My SIL has had some serious health scares and we made a last minute trip down to Neveda to stay with the kids and help out.  It was the big “C” scare but God was good and he is battling sarcoidosis centered on the lungs instead.  Still a very serious condition but he was able to return to work and will follow up with a pulmonary specialist. 

But it was so great to see the grands!

Especially the newest!  Isn’t he just too adorable!!


They carved pumpkins with gramps and roasted the seeds!  Yummy!!

SIL Matt fed us like kings!!!  He is the best cook!!!  

All too soon the week was over and we had to return home.  It is 10 hour trip!  I did get a lot of knitting completed and even finished these socks I’d started a year ago on a visit to Nevada.  They were only knitted on during car trips.  Isn’t that yarn lovely?  It’s by Knitted Wit a local PNW indie dyer.  

Once home more changes as I headed back to work!  New job, new career…..  After 8 glorious months at home I accepted a position with the state transportation department.  I’m actually going back 20 years and using my dispatching skills!  Crazy huh?  Shift work of course, but a great environment and 4 10 hour shifts with 3 days off!!!  And and and NO supervisory responsibilities!  What that means is a LIFE outside of work!!!  So one week in and I think I’m going to like it…..well until my first grave rotation hits…but that’s a year out.  But all those state bennies and perks!!! Can you imagine sick leave and personal leave and vacation?!!!  Not just crapped up ole PTO!!  Sounds pretty dang good to me!  

So changes happening!





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