‘Tis the Season!

Oh my goodness!  I’ve been away from blogland for some time!  Sometimes I just don’t feel it and cannot blog.  It’s been a tough year this and I’ve had some struggles.  I am looking forward to a new year!  But not all has been bad. I am very blessed and try to focus on the blessings.  One thing I have started doing again is to practice Susan Ban Breathnach’s gratitude journaling.  Daily I write 5 things I am grateful for. This helps me to focus on the positive even when times are tough.  

Well I’m 2 months into the new job.  There was a great deal to learn but I’m learning and it is very interesting indeed!  The center is in a huge complex and I like to walk the long hallway on my break these is this lovely view on those walks   Look at all those geese!  Once it’s light they all fly away.  If one has to work, 4 10 hour days is pretty nice!

Aren’t unexpected surprises in the mail just the best?  I had been lusting for this yarn and was I surprised when it arrived in my mailbox   My sweet Becca bought it for me!  Now to cast on some socks….or perhaps a shawl   I just love this colorway and the yarn is so squishy soft!!

I was quite in the Christmas spirit this year and have been listening to carols since September I must admit!  Last year I did not put up a tree but this year I wasn’t going to repeat that error!  Living in the PNW we are surrounded by Christmas tree farms so can enjoy the beauty and delicious smell of a live tree.  I did a bit of rearranging to fit my tree in the window.  Isn’t there just something that pulls deeply at our hearts when we see brightly lit Christmas trees in windows as we pass by?  

Every year I seem to collect additional treasured bits to enhance my collections and just place here and there.  

I love my two vintage feather trees!  Notice the little boxer face peeping through the door. 

This is my new favorite place to spend my evenings!  I love how the lights create a feeling of magic as they dance around the walls.  Fairy lights indeed!  

Just before Christmas Christina and family had a stop over on their way to celebrate the holidays in London and Spain!  Oh how exciting!  This is the grands first trip over seas and I’m so excited for them!  It was wonderful seeing them off and getting in a bit of shopping for their travels.

My mom was always the maker of the Christmas stockings but sadly she can no longer knit them.  Becca took over for a bit but then passed the torch to me.  This is the second stocking I’ve made and I have to admit it is not enjoyable.  I did change from a low quality acrylic that mom used to a wool hoping for better results.  Sadly I did not complete it in time for Christmas.  But complete it I will as I have yet another to make! 

With the new year around the corner I’m busy contemplating where I’ve come in the past year.  I’ve yet to find my word but it will have something to do with letting go and finding new energy and motion.  I’ve let go of so many things I deeply enjoyed and it’s time to reclaim those joys.   

In the spirit of renewal I’ve begun the Paleo path again.   It’s truly what my body needs.  I purchased this awesome cook book and am cooking my way through it.  So far no fails!!

And just because here is a picture of the doggies.  They were begging for something I’m sure!  

And as I finish this blog I look up to see this lovely view which captures the suns rays so beautifully on this cold winter day!

God bless us one and all,





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