The North Wind Blows


The Pacific Northwest is seeing quite the winter this year.  We haven’t had snow in several years, well not since I moved here 3 years ago when we had a week of snow,  but this year we just can’t get a break.  I do love snow, but not the freezing rain that so often seems to accompany it here.  City driving in the snow is also another story!  And in the new job snow and storms mean long busy days with overtime.  Yes snow is best when you get to stay home and can enjoy if from your home and back yard!

I do worry so when my children are driving in it especially!  No matter how old they are we never stop worrying…then add in grandchildren and well….  My daughter flew out to London and Spain in storms and just flew back in to a new and stronger storm front.  Welcome home indeed!  Being a natural born worry wart this job is probably not the best fit…lol…I am privy to the result of the bad weather; wrecks, landslide, avalanches, floods. I don’t want my loved ones on the roads in the winter, in fact I be happy to just keep them safely in a bubble….

As I write this it is still dark outside and the house has that quiet that only comes when the world around you is not yet awake.  I love early mornings!  I love watching the light begin to appear and the shadows it cast upon my sitting room.  The husband  is back on day shift and leaves at 5am.  I have 2 glorious hours before daylight and the awakening of the neighborhood.  I make myself a cuppa and depending upon the mood pull out my knitting, writing, or a favorite book.

I have always been a morning person.  I believe we are born with an internal clock and we are either suited for mornings or evenings.   I remember as a child, getting up early and running to the top of the hill, burrowing into the hay loft and watching the sun rise over our farm in the valley below me.  My dad and brothers would already be up milking cows and feeding livestock.  Sometimes I would jump on my horse and ride out into the wide open expanse of the wheat fields and watch the sun break over the hills around me.  Such pure bliss!  I’ve yet to see skies or a sunrise that can rival that of those in my hometown!  Such lovely memories!

Unfortunately I am switching to a 2pm-12pm schedule next week so will only see these mornings on my days off…but I do get three days off as I work 10 hour shifts….so its all good!

After a bit of a hiatis I am back in full swing with the bag making for Stitches Plus Purls .  I love having my machine in front of the window and it is often that here is where I see daylight begin or end, happily sewing along!


Beautiful with the snow silently falling!  Those pines across the way make the neighborhood smell lovely!


I am still busy cooking my way through the Paleo Slow Cooker Cookbook.  The recipes are simple and tasty.  This week I had sweet potato porridge and a roasted root vegetable dish. I am eating less meat and I do believe that is a good thing. However, the more I use it I am not a huge fan of the slow cooker.  While it is most convenient  I think much of the food cooked in it taste the same.  Also, if using certain meats I prefer to precook them and drain the grease.  I will continue to play with more of the recipes in the book but may do many on the stove top.  Working 10 hour shifts food is a challenge and I often just find myself grabbing Amy’s soups, dried fruit, and raw veggies.

Well day is breaking and it is time for me to start my day.  Snow is turning to freezing rain and it is tapping on my windows and roof.  Time for a fresh cuppa and heading in to the sewing machine.

Stay warm and safe,





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