Remember the late 90s and all the wonderful books on living a simple life and simplifying your life?  Oh how I love the concept and had read pretty much every one of the books.  They were a good follow up to the penny pinching of the 80s.  The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacycyzn was my go to bible for living frugally yet joyfully while raising a family.  I have long been a thrifter and bargain hunter.  Not only does it save me money, but I like to think I am also doing a bit to save the planet by buying used and repurposing items.

As I’ve been looking ahead to what I want to accomplish this year, simplifying is again on my list.  But in simplifying I am looking to apply the concept completely; not just material things, but life itself.  I have a great start with a simpler job that places no outside demands and a 4 day work week.  No take home stress is a new concept and one that I am all to happy to embrace!  My larger battle is stuff.  Living in an area with amazing yard sales it is easy to acquire lots of stuff which then become clutter.  So decluttering will be top on my list.  Keeping that which is essential and that which is beautiful and brings me joy.

My daddy used to always tell me if you can’t eat it or wear it you don’t need it.  He was teasing as he knew I loved beautiful things and had a habit of acquiring clutter.  I’m more my Auntie Lena who had a house filled with  books, bric a brac, furniture, knick knacks, antiques, and curiosities; all things wonderful to a child.  It was this Aunt who gave me a love of poetry.  I still treasure the book of poems that I would read again and again when visiting her and which she one day sent home with me!  When I think back to the houses that I loved in my childhood they were always the houses like my Auntie Lena’s.  My maternal Grandmother lived in a huge old two story victorian filled to the brim with stuff.  She had deep dark closets full of treasures, shelves of books, and cabinets filled with china.  My inner child will always be drawn to those types of homes, so declutter will forever be a challenge for me as it almost instinctual for me to recreate those memories in my homes.  From the collections of plates on my walls to my 4 china cabinets filled with treasures and my ever growing stacks of books I love my specials treasures.

I think, and if you asked my girls they would agree, that when I decide to collect something I take it too far.  When I started collecting milk glass I ended up with enough to fill 2 large hutches so much lives in boxes in my attic.  My plate collection grew to cover several walls so again much is boxed away.  But when you are a consummate thrifter you find these things and for pennies!

All that talk of thrifting and I just had to make a St Vinnies and Sallies run….  Simplifying just doesn’t apply to books does it?  St Vinnies was having a half off book sale and I nabbed these goodies!


Rather an eclectic mix.  At 1.25 for hard backs and .75 for soft backs I just couldn’t go wrong.  The husband has started reading again so I took him on a run and he got a nice selection as well.  I love St Vinnies and was so delighted when one opened in Salem.  Their book section is huge and organized by subject and in each subject alphabetically.  While there I also found some amazing vintage patterns for my daughter.


A packet of patterns for the grands for only .88!


I guess I am just hopeless at simplifying!  But I did pass by all the glass goodness, knick knacks, and kitchen doodads!

I did finally make some progress on Emmys vest.  I have to just do a block and then pick up and finish the ribbing.  I just love this yarn.  It is one that I dyed on a cashmere blend base.  It is so soft and squishy and knits up beautifully.  I also adore the color as it makes me think of a party.  I think it will go so well with many of her cute little dresses and skirts!


I had a very scaled down Christmas this year but I just must share  one of my favorite gifts! This bag is just too much adorableness!  It is from my secret Santa partner this year.  It is now my carry all bag for everything!


And now must back to my sewing room.  After a short hiatus from sewing project bags it is back in full production!

Keeping in simple,




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