Back at it

IMG_5781Yes, I am back at it as an administrator.  This time of a memory care community.  I know I said never….but this was an amazing opportunity for a small memory care owned by a private company.  I am two weeks in and its going darn well.  My office is small and cosy as is the community which is just perfect!   Its a mixed bag this working again… hand I like it……other hand I miss all the free time I had at home.  The extra income will be nice as I get our finances in order to prepare for retirement in a few years.

Working has forced me to be more productive with my time which is a good thing.  I still find time to sew bags for Stitches Plus Purls and get in some yarn dyeing as well and the week ends find me busy at my sewing machine.  Can’t give up the things I love!!



I just love this crazy little owl and had to incorporate him into some of my bags!

On the subject of my sewing room, I had been lusting for Ikea type cube shelving to better organize my fabric so I could see what I had (I’m a bit of a IG destash addict so my collection has grown immensely).  When Becca and Matt were visiting, Matt put together 4 such cube type shelves for me.  It took me weeks to get all the fabric folded and organized….but what an amazing difference!  Here is the shelf of my bag making fabrics:


I got these Better Homes and Garden shelves at the local Walmart.  I would have preferred white but they only had this color in stock.  I have two other with my dying supplies, yarn, and fun fabrics.  I need two more to complete my sewing room redo.  I love the way in which I can easily see exactly what I have on hand now!!  Plus it inspired me to do a deep purging of all the junk I don’t need or use.  I am still looking for a small dresser to put under the extension of my sewing cabinet and a small table to hold my surger….but with yard sales right around the corner I’m sure I’ll find something in no time.

I haven’t completed any knitting projects of late but making progress on my Multnomah Shawl and Maddox’s vest.

I love that little deer head created by the purls.  The yarn I chose for this is a Spud and Chloe and I absolutely adore knitting on it!!  The shawl is my own hand dyed aptly named West Side for the west side of Oregon.

The hubs and I hadn’t gotten away for quite some time so decided to make a quick after run trip to the seaside after work.  We never tire of seeing the ocean.  And the dogs love running free on the beach!


I doubt that there is anywhere on earth more beautiful than the Oregon coast.  I love seeing the changes that each season brings.  Watching the ocean waves is possibly one of the best therapies for ones woes!

It is always a special delight when my Orchid blooms again.  As it sits dormant I always doubt that I’ll see another bloom.  Then one day it begins to create new life and the beauty of the blooms always amazes me!


I believe in these dark times we must find joy in the simple pleasures and treasure those moments of joy.  Everyday I thank God for my blessings and my family.  I try to not allow the fear mongering of those in power (who are truly evil) to keep me from believing in the good of mankind and putting out the fires of hope.  I strive to trust that good will come out of this and that evil with not prevail.  The US is not the world, it is one country amongst many.  I pray that those who have kept their moral compass (and by this I am not speaking of the “christians”…but of those who have not lost compassion and who understand that capitalism is not the answer)  will help to guide us back to sanity!


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