Making Memories

To celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday (a pretty big milestone!) my sibs organized a birthday party for her.  This resulted in a trip back home to attend the party.  My eldest and four of my sweet peas live there as well so it was a time for lots of loving.  All my siblings and various nieces, nephews, cousins, and family friends attended as well so there was a great deal of visiting and catching up!


I think ones parents aging is one of the hardest things to face.  I still remember my mom as she always was….never still for a minute, constantly humming and singing as she worked away in the house and yard.  I think back to when she was the age I am now and marvel at all she was still accomplishing.  She seemed to stay young forever and it’s only been the past few years that she has aged and slowed down.  I find myself so sentimental and teary eyed when I think back on my years growing up.  How I wish I could turn back the hands of time……  But time marches on and we must learn to accept that which we cannot chance…the ever passing of time….  I do find that I take so much less for granted now as I prepare to enter another decade myself.


So many family and friends and so much love!  It was a nice turnout and the weather was absolutely perfect!  I had a wonderful time.

Loved spending time with the grands and catching up with Christina.  She was busy doing a major purge but we just settled in amongst the boxes.  I had brought a fooseball game for the sweet peas and they loved it.


Mother joined us for some knitting and visiting time.


Christina’s purging of books and decor meant I had to go through everything which resulted in a carload of goodies coming back home with me….barbies, books, fabric, and these treasures…


I have adored this painting since Christina bought it years ago.  Imagine my delight when she sent it home with me!  It is stunning and I had just the right spot for it!


I had purchased this set of James Harriot plates several years back at a yard sale for a song.  I sent them off to Christina and she hung them on her walls seasonally for a few years.  But now she felt it was time to change decor and send them back.  The girls and I have always rotated our decor and since we all have similar taste it works out perfectly!  Now to just find a place to display them!!


I also brought back my eldest grand, Doodle Bug.  But only for one night as she had to catch a train down to her mom’s for the summer.  She’s going into her senior year and needs to just stop growing up on me!


And I brought back the best ever homemade sauerkraut which my oldest brother had made.  It is beyond delicious!  Mother also there in a some frozen berries and peppers.  All so yummy!  The change to vegan is going great.  My first month with this diet change just passed.  I find that I don’t have the body and joint aches and pains and my energy level is much higher!  It’s quite the easiest thing I have ever done.  Preparing vegetables and simple dishes based upon a plant based diet is just the easiest ever!

A return home meant the next week end was back to the serious business of yard sales.  This week end was all about toys!  Legos, Barbies, puzzles, hot wheels, and more!  You see I have turned the coat closet into a toy closet for the grands.  I keep if filled up with yard sale finds and when they come they can play with what they like and take home what they want (the parents seem to have issues with this so we must sneak it into luggage).  It our special thing and they look forward to what is new in the closet.

I did also find a few specials for myself.  A nice iron fruit double tiered fruit basket, some books, teddies for my collection, and this adorable Fenton milk glass shoe.


I’m trying to avoid buying any more milk glass as I have so much at this point.  But when I find such a cute piece….well I can’t resist!

I have also been very busy out in the yard.  Several weeks back I picked up some Iris rhizomes free.  Iris are about my favorite flower and I wanted them to be visible from my window out back.  I knew they would be perfect on the side of the shed, but that meant moving loads of gravel.  Today I got them into the ground….oh how I can’t wait to see them bloom next year!  I also finished clearing out the back yard minus the pallets that need to be hauled off, but those are leaned up out of the way.  Next project it finding the roses I want and adding my rose garden.  Slowly my back yard is transforming into what I had envisioned!

Oh yes and here is my lovely painting hanging.  Christina also sent me the beautiful platter.  I think it is all just perfect together!

IMG_6057Now I must off to my sewing room to catch up on bag making for Stitches Plus Purls.  It is quite the chore to settle down to the sewing machine when the weather is so beautiful and the yard is calling me!



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