Sweet Peas

It has certainly been a whirlwind last three weeks as I had a houseful of sweet peas followed by Becca and family moving in for a temporary stay.  It has been a crazy but fun time of chaos as the house has been bursting at the seams!

We had so many adventures while the grands were here.  They had never seen one of the little library’s before and had fun spotting them and picking out a few books.


We always spend a lot of time at the park.  They just love this crazy tilted wheel.





Of course we took numerous trips to the seaside.


All the girls love to work on their handstands and cartwheels no matter where they are.


Silliness on the way home…


All that sun and sand are exhausting and there is no better pillow than a soft warm boxer!


One of their favorite activities is spending time at the trampoline park.  It has a hurricane machine that looked too fun to not give a try.


A week after they arrived Becca and brood moved in.  Since it had been so long since the cousins had been together we begged their mom to let them stay on an additional week!


Bella is growing so fast and celebrated her 11th birthday shortly after they arrived.  Becca made her the yummiest ice cream cake!


Of course more seaside trips had to be had!


Of course we also did lots of yard sales….thankfully their mom brought the pick up to take them home!  We had that back end filled to the brim with all their treasures!  Since this was all about the grands I have nothing to show for all those yard sales.  But oh boy did we find so many awesome toys, clothes, and assorted treasures for them all!!

I look forward to these visits all year and am never disappointed.  It seems with working I never get to see enough of the grands, so I try to cram as much in one week as I can.  Next up it’s off to California to spend a week with Erica and grands!

Yes life is grand when you are blessed with so many precious grand children!!



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