Playing catch up…


There is just too much catch up to do so I just added pics of all the doings over the past several months.  In August Becca and family moved in for a temporary stay while her hubby was changing jobs.

Right after her arrival we headed to Monterey to celebrate Erica’s hooding for her PhD!!  I am just so proud of her!  I watched her work so hard toward this goal and yet never giving up even when it seemed impossible!  She is such an inspiration!!

While in Monterey we spent time playing in the ocean and just having a great time.  On the way back home we spent a few days at Erica’s new home.   When I was planning the trip I bought a new VW Atlas as my Pathfinder was getting so old and too many miles.    Love the car so far but miss my Pathfinder.  Becca ended up buying one too and now we have matching cars.

Celebrated lots of birthdays, had a great Halloween which included a stop at the governors mansion to discover that Kate herself was passing out candies!  Gotta love Oregon!  Also lots of shopping trips into PDX to explore new and fun places.  Several trips to visit my mom.

Just a lot of business!  And a lot of knitting and sewing.  Becca and I have been making clothes and that has been an adventure.  I had not done sewing of clothing items for myself for years.  But with all the new knits it is a breeze!  Next blog I will add some pics of my sewing and knitting.

I just don’t know where 3 months went.  It has been so extremely busy with Becca and the kids here….my little house is just bursting at the seams!  We always seem to be up to something new.  I am also still working full-time and with Erica as my inspiration I started a PhD program!!  It is after all on my bucket list and I’m not getting any younger so I thought let’s do this!  I chose Mind Body Medicine and am loving it!  Writing papers again is a bit much but I’ll get in the swing of it.  But more on that next time as well.

And now I am rushing out the door again.  Happy Fall to everyone!

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