Grand Adventures

Oh my but what a busy few months it has been!  Since January I have hardly been home but long enough to hug the hubby and doggies then it has been off again on continual adventures.  This retirement stuff is just the best ever!!

First I spent a month with my middle and 6 grands in California.  As usual on my travels if I can I prefer to take Amtrak.  The views are always amazing and it is the perfect opportunity to sit back relax and leave the driving to someone else.  Going over the mountain the views were spectacular!


I had cast on a pair of socks for this trip.  I wanted to use some of the yarn that my granddaughter, Milsie, had dyed and present her with the finished pair.  I did manage to complete one sock and she loved it!  I just love her use of colors!  She is a master at bold saturated coloring.  Just look at that orange!!


The girls wanted to get all beautified so I pulled out the electric rollers and we did some dolling up.  They are all such beauties!


A boy and his dog…a wonderful thing indeed!!


I had given my daughter this desk that I transformed.  I love to paint and transform furniture and she was more than willing for me to have a go at this office corner.


I love the results!  It amazing what you can do with a little paint and imagination.  That corner piece was absolutely the ugliest thing ever before the redo.  Now it houses her printer and assorted office supplies.


My own house has reached maximum capacity for furniture so it was fun to have some new projects as I absolutely love redoing furniture pieces!  I am just in love with the finished look of this redo!!


This little love bug is doing quite well.  The grafts are healing, slowly, but healing and it looks like the worst is over.  He is such a happy baby and sharp as a whip!

It was a wonderful month of spending time with the grands.  I did work to convert them to veganism as I cooked vegan meals and turned on numerous food documentaries.  The younger ones were not quite convinced…..

Too soon I was back on the train.  While there I got a bit tired of the socks and went on a dishcloth knitting kick.  Not a bad thing since I desperately need new ones, however, as of now I have knit 10 or so…..


I just absolutely love anything with grandma on it so imagine my delight when I got an early Valentine’s Day gift from my sweet Woopie!  I just adore this and wear it proudly!


Soon after returning I was back in the car and off to Seaside with my eldest.  She had a business conference and invited me along for the ride.  How could I say “no” to that?!  I took lots of things to keep me busy while she was attending her conference.  I am always grabbing used books when I find ones that look interesting.  All the travel of late has given me a chance to read a few.  Recently, they have all been knitting related.  I also used this time to work on completing the second sock.


Nothing beats the Oregon Coast for beauty.  This was the path to the beach from my hotel.  Being February it is misty, cloudy, and wet.


I just adore beach houses.  This one really caught my eye.  I love how the brick is weathered through in places.  The hotel was at the end of the promenade and was littered with darling beach houses along the way.


Tomorrow will be home again, however this time to stay a bit.  I do have another trip planned to spend time with my sweet mom in March.  I love this nomadic life that being retired allows me to pursue.

Happy Travels,



One thought on “Grand Adventures

  1. Patricia, what a great month of traveling you have had. Such fun to visit with all the kids. And so glad that your little guy is healing so nicely. The socks are great, I love the bright color too. I noticed that I have those two book blogs marked and read them too, also Reading the Past, very good.
    So glad that your enjoying your retirement.

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