Treasures abound..

It was a pretty uneventful week for crafting/dyeing/knitting.  I only knit a few rows here and there on my shawl and nothing much on the socks at all.  Yet, I am anxious to get that shawl off my needles.  I have become quite the monogamous knitter of late….not sure what is up with that.  I generally have at least two pair of socks cast on and bounce from project to project.  I suppose being in knit a longs makes me feel the need to finish each project.  I do have several projects languishing on needles cast aside when I decided I had to join 4 KALs.  But KALs are so much fun, who can resist?!

The husband left town for a few days so I had the house to myself.  I absolutely adore those days when there are absolutely no obligations and I can eat what I want and do whatever I want.  I stay up half the night when he is away.  I decided I must have a nice little fire pit to sit beside and enjoy wine in all that me time.  My second package from my wine club, First Leaf, arrived so I had a nice selection to choose from.  There is just something so mesmerizing about a fire.  I love the embers how they glow and pulse with life.  I believe a fire pit is essential for mental well being and every yard must have one!



A trip to my local natural grocer and of course that always means the newest magazines! I had been eyeing Huckleberry for some time and when I was informed by an IG buddy that it was created and published locally….well that cinched it!  It is full of beautiful photography and so many lovely articles.  It is geared a bit more toward a younger reader who is still raising a family but I will pass it on to my daughters so that is a win.  Also the newest issue of Breathe.  Nothing to say there except I love every issue!


It was certainly a good week end for treasure hunting.   Not a lot of major wonderful so excited finds, but lots of practical and fun finds.

My favorite find were these Hummels.  I had never seen full size Hummel dolls so this was a lovely surprise.  These are tagged and in the original boxes.  They are Hansel and Gretel.  Both are so adorable.  Notice Hansel’s hand is in his pocket and Gretel has a little bouquet of flowers.  So much detail and just precious.   The two other little dolls were thrown with the Hummels.  They are unmarked but absolutely precious.  But I think with all these new acquisitions I either need another china cabinet or I must repurpose ones I already have.   Can one ever have too many china cabinets……



The seller had an entire table of these artist figures all posed in dancing poses.  I loved it and had to grab these three to bring home and bring some of that dancing vibe into my little abode.


I adore DE Stevenson and have a few of her books.  I was delighted to find this two part series.  Her books are rare so always a treat to find them!  I adore the authors of the time period 1930s through 1950s.  The books reflect my own taste and desire for a simpler kinder life.


Interestingly the person having this yard sale was an author herself and was giving away copies of her books.  When I was making my purchases we discussed authors and since we both loved the same books I was pretty sure I’d love her novels. I came home intending to just peruse the first in the series but got so drawn in that I read the entire book that day.  What a fun, lively, and engaging story.  I now must order the rest of her books off amazon.  Isn’t it exciting to find a new author that you enjoy?  Upon finishing the book I went to her blog listed in the back of the book.  Oh My! Definitely a kindred spirit.  Check her out at


There were any number of sales this week and I hit quite a few.  I picked up rather an assortment of this and that.  I adore Beatrix Potter so this HAD to come home with me, although I’m not sure I’ll soil it with kitchen use…


I love finding holiday items and this Easter tablecloth was no disappointment.  There is a myriad of things going on here and those bunnies are busy.  It is large enough for my formal dining room.  A few weeks back I got another Fall/Harvest one as well.


Always the sucker for needlepoint of course I would not pass up these pieces.  I still have two others to either frame or get made into cushions.  The two floral ones would make beautiful seat covers and that little pink bell pull…swoon!


Rather an odd piece to buy, but I know just the grandchild who will love this crystal piece.  I am always on the look out for the girls and the grands.


Better quality cloths rack for my dyeing!


And this will paint up beautifully for a bulletin board. I will cover the cork with linen and it will be transformed.  Amazing what you can do with a bit of paint and fabric.


More toys, buckets, and a basket.


I did quite well with the outside decor, scoring this fountain for $15.  I also got numerous large clay pots of differing shape.  I like the simple clay pots for flowers and herbs.


And for my sweet Booger I found a raised bed.  I put his bed on it and he immediately climbed up and went to sleep.


There were other assorted bits that I found, so yes, it was a very good week end.

My biggest news is my first grandchild is graduating from high school!  Friday I will head over to watch her graduate and celebrate the next step in life.  I cannot believe that my Doodle is already graduating.  She has grown into the most beautiful and intelligent young lady and I am so very proud of her!  But dang I wish she would stop growing up!

And now the husband is due back home any minute so time to get the house sorted out and my laundry done for the upcoming week.




One thought on “Treasures abound..

  1. Who is the author of the books ‘…g Farm’ Is it the Ladybug series? behind the geode? If so, the author also has a dog series, that is good: Raine Stockton.
    Booger’s looking handsome and happy.
    I looked for your new author at my local library nothing.. So then I looked under H on the “Stop, You’re Killing Me” page and nothing there either. Perhaps she a new writer or one local to your area that hasn’t garnered national attention yet But she is on Goodreads:

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