More Botanical Dye Experiments and a Lovely Visit from my Sister.

Since my coreopsis was in full bloom, I decided it was time to attempt to dye some sock blanks.  I picked all the bits from my garden and trees that I wanted to try.


First I dyed my blanks using some indigo and rhubarb so that I had nice background colors.  Then I put the plant matter directly onto the blanks.


Next step is to put fabric over the blank and bits and roll the up tightly and tie them with twine.  Then I put them into a simmer pot and let them sit for 15-20 minutes.  Removed them from the pot and set them outside to cool.


Once cooled I unwrapped them and picked out the flowers and bits.  I was disappointed that I could not get any leaves to transfer color.  I will try again with some eucalyptus.  The lavender did not really transfer color either.  But it is all an experiment and learning experience.


Finished products.  I am so in love with these!!  It was such a fun project and relatively easy.


I will go back and over dye the linen fabric and add more flower for more color and then use this linen to make project bags.


I also did some playing around in the dye pots.  I used beets for this skeins and was surprised to get a golden color.  I generally get pink.  But I stored my juice for a few days in some wine jugs I got curbside.  I thought that I had rinsed them out thoroughly but I am thinking there was some residue that changed the ph balance.  But no matter I love this golden color!


These skeins are dyed with Himalayan rhubarb and I put in whole fresh picked coreopsis flowers throughout the yarn.  I love the golden color with deeper variations throughout.


I didn’t get a lot of knitting done since I cast off my Jujuy shawl last week.  But I did finish June’s socks for the boxosocks kal hosted by Kristin of Voolenvine yarns.  I now have 6!!!!! pairs of socks completed.  I did cast on July’s socks and have the heel turned on the first sock.  I will add photos in the next blog.


Isn’t that color yummy!  This is my own natural dyed yarn using cochineal.  I like ankle socks so made up another pair of the roller socks.  And isn’t that crochet blanket in the background just the absolute loveliest?!  Becca gave that to me a few years ago and it is one of my favorite things!!


I got a few pieces of happy mail this week.  First up some beautiful hedge hog fibers that was on an IG destash.  I love hedgehog, the way they speckle and combine colors is just amazing.  These are normally around $30-$32 per skeins and I got all 5 for $50 plus shipping…not bad at all!!


I rarely look at IG fabric destash anymore, but I happened to see these sweet pieces and just had to add them.  My sewing mojo has been dormant for some time…well other than bag making which I spend too much time on…but I am all prepared for the day in which I start back up doll and quilting making.  One can never be too prepared or have too much fabric…right?!


My youngest sister came for the week end!  That was wonderful!  She had her two youngest and a friend and her son.  I loved having the house full of family and friends.  We had the best time.  Anna’s children are all growing up to be such wonderful adults and I just marvel at the fact that her youngest is now 13!  I still see my sister as a 30 something young mom and cannot believe she will be turning 50!  Where does time go?!  We stayed up half the night visiting.  Anna is an expert on essential oils and has built quite the Young Living business!  I am never quite sure what to do with my oils and she is just a walking encyclopedia of all the wonderful ways I can use them and eliminate chemicals in my life.  And she always smells so darn heavenly as do all her bags and clothes!  I walk by the guest room and stop to breathe deeply!  I pause as I walk by her and breath deeply!  I just love how she always inspires me to strive to be healthier and take better care of myself.  And if that is not enough, Anna can also rebuild and build new furniture and I am always just amazed at the things she builds!  I cannot put a nail in straight, let alone attempt to put in a screw or use any power tools!!  My baby sister is amazing and I am so proud of her!!

While she was here she was excited to go out to yard sales.  Oh did we have fun.  And she took home a carload….including two pieces of furniture.   As for my haul…it was wonderful as always.

Yard pieces….one can never have too many wonderful yard art pieces if they are of quality and add character.


Not sure what it is, but I am so attracted to wooden bowls.  I used to drool over them at the farmers market, but in the $100 range I would walk on by.  I grabbed this beauty for $5 and I love it.  Look at all that beauty and character!


Oregon Starbuck mug….yes I am a sucker for these mugs.  This was .25 and still has the stickers on it so never used.


My fumble fingered husband has broken every single tea pot I have had…and it has been quite a few…so grabbed yet another one.  We’ll see how long it lasts.  I do love how it has the tea infuser that fits so nicely in the pot.


Another D. Morgan.  This one for my bathroom.  I just love her artwork!


My sweet Emmy is in gymnastics and I found her some leotards new in the packages.  She will love these!  And I have been wanting to try Wen products and found this set still in the original packaging.  I can’t wait to try it out!  I love it when I find practical items that I need and this shower curtain was just that.  What is currently hanging in my guest bathroom is a horrid plastic thing.


Arent these glasses just too sweet.  I love the bits of colorful glass that is infused into them.  I love using nice pieces for everyday.  However, sadly, I have a husband who is all thumbs so my dishes are destroyed on a daily basis which is why I watch for sets at yard sales super cheap.

IMG_7190IMG_7192And I will end with my sweet little heart dog.  My Misha has the sweetest little heart shape on her nose.  It fits her perfect as she is all heart and she owns my heart.  She is just the sweetest little girl ever.  I can never imagine my life without a boxer or two!!




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