And suddenly it is summer..

With the advent of temps in the 90s, summer was suddenly upon us.  Not being a hot weather gal, I always just savor those lovely temperate days before the heat hits.  I love rainy cloudy weather.  Cool spring and fall days invigorate me, whereas all this constant sunshine and heat make me just want to hide away inside and only venture out in the early morning and late evening.  Yet is a normal part of our seasons and so it is.  My raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries love the heat and I am enjoying a small crop from each.  Although my little Misha girl has learned how to pick fruit off the vines as well.  Bruno is not interested.  The hydrangea bushes are popping out in bloom also.  I do believe they are one of my favorite bushes.  The flowers are so majestic!  My herbs are growing huge and I must get out and harvest them to dry for winter use.

I was delighted to see my orchid produce blooms again this year.  This is the third year it has bloomed.  I do need to put it into a bigger pot.  I did spend a day repotting a myriad of my houseplants that had outgrown their pots.  I am always picking up pots at yard sales just for that purpose and to use outdoors.


I had some free time in the afternoon and decided to make a stop off at one of the local thrift shops.  Imagine my delight to find this Brown Betty tea pot.  It has the made in England stamp on the bottom and is made of brown clay.  I cannot wait to make up a pot of tea in this pot.  I have warned my husband off as he has broken every previous tea pot that we have had.


A bit back I sent out some of my madder root natural dyed yarn to my dear friend Sheila.  I was so delighted to receive this picture of the lovely cowl she had knit up with it!


And Becca sent this picture of the sock she is knitting out of one of the botanical sock blanks I dyed.  I am soooo in love with these blanks!  I do need to dye a few more before my coreopsis bloom has ended.  I did get out and do a serious dead heading of the plant and stuck the blooms away in the freezer for dyeing.


As for my own knitting projects, I am still working on my second July sock and the first August sock.  I am still just firmly stuck in a slump.  But no worries, some times we just need a break and to engage in something new for a bit of a change up.


I did get a lovely package from my sister, Anna.  I have long admired her lava essential oil bracelets and she sent me one along with my very favorite diffuser oil Wintergreen!  What a wonderful package!  I have started delving more deeply into the oils again and am increasing my own stock as I begin to examine the different uses for oils.  Interestingly enough I am in a class with a therapist who is using essential oils in her treatment of those with PTSD.  She has done serious research into their medicinal use and continues to do so.  Being of the mind that we need to explore complementary and alternative medicines I am very open minded to such research and practical applications.  But science aside, they just smell amazing and lift my spirits whether at work or at home.


I took the time this week to get this beautiful canvas hung.  This is the one that I had purchased a few weeks back at a yard sale.  I just love this picture; it is so serene and dreamy.  Nothing like a tree-lined road or path to set the imagination flowing.  What is around that bend?  I always imagine it is something wonderful and magical.  I also hung up the rose cross stitch that I picked up the next week end.   It is just so exquisitely made I enjoy its beauty immensely.


I did get out for a bit this week end to the sales, but found nothing too exciting.  I did pick up 3 new still in the wrap pieces of the glass pyrex storage containers with plastic snapping lids.  I am trying to eliminate all plastic from the house, but do like the rubber sealing lids on these glass storage pieces.  I also found a nice pot for plants and will put it to the side for herbs or repotting.

This has been a most busy week at both work and with studies.  I had a research project due today so much of my time was devoted to that.  Oh how I am loving this PhD!  I learn so very much each week.  It is interesting that I can feel the laziness that my brain has developed as I am working on my papers.  I have to force it to remain focused and complete just one more page of the paper.  Yet, I am absorbing the learning and find that it has such everyday practical use.  This term has been more challenging than the past due to the work load and my peers.  This is one group of amazingly intelligent peers and I must work diligently to keep up!  Granted they are all currently working as therapist so have an edge but I am just so appreciative of their knowledge and the interaction of this particular group of peers.  And most excitingly I have determined what I will do my dissertation on…but will not share until a later date.  But it appears to be an area that has not been researched which is even more exciting!

I also was helping, via phone and text, my sweet Doodle Bug survive her college orientation.  I remember how terrifying that can be; everything is new and strange and the campus appears so large and overwhelming.  But she did great and is ready to begin in the fall.  I am just so very proud of her!

So it has been a busy week all in all.  Now off to play a bit in the sewing room.



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