Lazy Summer Days…Never

On the last post, I stated that I would have some exciting news to share.  Well now I can….I am switching jobs again…yes again.  You see out of the clear blue I got a call from a recruiter and even though I said I was happy where I am, they just kept making offers until I could not refuse.  It was a difficult decision as currently I am only 4 minutes from work and it is a pretty easy community.  But this offer is just too amazing to pass up!  So I will remain where I am until my 30 days is up and then a few weeks off and then over to my new position.  I am going back to a large community and one that includes memory care as well as assisted.  It is a gorgeous community and I love the idea of an office to myself once again and numerous support staff under me to make my own life easier.  It will be a bit of a commute but not bad at around 25 minutes.  I am pretty excited for this new opportunity but its over a month out til I start so lots of time to prepare myself for going back into a large community and much more responsibility again.

My knitting mojo had taken a serious dive and is only slowly coming back.  I did finish one of my August socks and am turning the heel on the second one.  I am still unsure of this yarn.  But I am sure if I decide I don’t want them, someone will be happy to take them off my hands.  This pair make 8 (eight!!!) pair completed in a year…well actually 9 because I made a pair for my Milsie in January.


I also recast on the Amulet Shawl by Helen Stewart.  I had frogged it as got off on my count as was paying no attention when knitting it.  Only a few rows in but it knits up pretty quickly.  I do need to get back to my Antler Cardi.  I only have to finish the top where the designs begins, but have just put it off.

I also did a bit of dyeing.  Had cooked up some beets and just kept the liquid, added a skein and dumped in some rusty nail water.  The results are a very Fall tonal of golden/greenish mix.  I also eco dyed two sock blanks I had dyed with indigo and just needed to add the plants.  This time I added some raspberries for a nice little pop of a soft pink.  I am very happy with the results.


My daughter knit up a pair of sock out of one of my eco dyed.  I think they turned out quite nice!


This has been a perfect summer so far.  Just what I dreamed of when we moved to the Valley.  Only a few really hot days and still cool evenings where we can get out and walk the dogs.  There is generally a slight breeze in the evening which is so lovely and refreshing.  Remember the little park I mentioned a few weeks back.  Isn’t it just so sweet.  It is nestled deep in the neighborhood next door.

In the early mornings, it almost feels like Autumn and I love that!  I can sit out on my patio with my cuppa and knitting and dream of cool Autumn days as it has that slight nip in the air that is reminiscent of Autumn weather.  The yard is a mess, but it is a nice mess and I don’t mind the untidiness of it all.

Thinking of Autumn, we have a family of Turkeys that live in the church lot next door.  Every evening the mother is out walking her babies.  It is so cute to watch them.  They are quite the neighborhood attraction and the neighbors come out daily to see them feeding and strutting around.  I just love having at least a bit of wildlife in my neighborhood.  On my weekend yard sale forays I have seen a lot of deer in town grazing on yards as well.  It is just lovely.


I have made a few sales, but not the volume that I do early in the season.  As the summer winds down there are generally less sales and it seems to me the quality of items seems to dwindle.  I did pick up these lovelies though.

Quite a few weeks back, I talked about finding old cashmere sweaters to frog for the yarn.  I recently found two more in gorgeous red and a deep coral pink.  I am just not sure I can bring myself to frog them as they are both so gorgeous.  The black on I did was not hard as it had a hole right in the front; but these beauties are perfect.  So we shall see.  They were so dang cheap that I suppose I may as well go for it.


Oh must share how the Bright Line eating plan is going.  Well into my 3rd week and it is amazing how much better I feel and how easy this plan is to follow!  No craving at all.  I am finding that eating the 3 meals is satisfying and no sugar or flour easy to follow.  I just ensure that I plan ahead so I can have food that I can eat ready to prepare.  I have even easily transitioned to little to no coffee and what I do drink is black.  Easy peasy and no feelings of being deprived works perfectly in my book!

Well that is about it as to all the doings since my last post.  Blissfully just carrying on and moving along.

Happy August!



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