Welcome September!

Now begins the last week before I return to work at my new job.  I am excited and looking forward to it; but it has been nice to have this at home time.  I have gotten so much accomplished at home and also included some trips and family time.  It has been such a blessing.

Being the last week end of yard sales I was up and out early Friday morning with great anticipation of what I might just chance upon.  The fun of going to sales is that you never know what you might find.  It is amazing what people will put out in a sale..and often for pennies.  The trick is to avoid buying a lot of stuff you don’t need just because its there and its so inexpensive.  I have gotten much better at that but there are certain things I am just a sucker for such as pots and pans and toys.  I am always on the look out for items for my girls and grands as well.  They laugh about my madness, but always love the items I manage to find for them.  Well it was one of those days that was amazing.  Some days you just hit the jackpot!  Although there were few sales the ones that I hit were awesome.  First just on the end of my block I got all these Calico Critters, their house, furniture, and accessories.  And all for $20 which is amazing because the house alone are usually priced at $10.  What a deal…oh how I love toys and these are just the best!  One of the grands will love them.  Unfortunately they are all growing up so fast and it won’t be long and I will not have an excuse to buy toys….


Love love love doll houses and little furniture and accessories.

When I was about to give up I happened upon a sign and wow am I glad I stopped.  Check this out!!  Delonghi Nespresso Cappuccino and Latte machine; like new.  The price….$10…can you believe it.  They retail for over $300.  I had been looking for a Keurig machine for work but have wanted a Nespresso forever!  I ordered pods from Amazon and they will be here on Sunday.  Cannot wait to make up a latte!  Maybe I will even get some pumpkin spice syrup…


At this same sale I also got a pair of new in the box Dansko clogs!  They were only $35…amazing considering they run $150 new.  I have a black pair and needed a nice brown pair.


I also grabbed this little lantern for $1 at the same sale as it will be adorable hanging on the shed out back with the other lanterns I have collected.  However I think it looks darling with my Autumn decor as well!


I also got a huge heavy stainless steel fry pan with lid; Becca has been wanting one like mine forever.  They are the best!  And I got a few more toys and little bits and bobs.  All in all it was one of the best days ever.

Awoke to a beautiful and perfect fall day Sunday!  Put on a long sleeve T and threw open the windows and doors….absolute heaven!  After completing the weeks homework I engaged in some sewing play.  I love doll making and when I was browsing through my patterns I came across some old favorites from waaaayyyy back in the days when I had my quilt shop.  I pulled out Cinnamon Spice and decided I just had to make her.  I did add some  embrodiary detail to the apron and will add hair instead of using cloves.


Then it was outdoors to harvest some more herbs for drying and the last of my marigolds for the dye pot.  They smell heavenly!  I did start a pot of garbanzos and added copious amounts of herbs and spices.


Started up the dye pot with the coreopsis I had harvested and frozen plus the marigolds just harvested.  I expect a nice golden tone from these.


Since I had the dye pot on the stove I threw in two skeins of yarn; a sock and DK weight.  I love this color.  I did keep the dye bath for future dyeing projects as there was such an abundance of it.  I think it would make a beautiful sweater and may dye another sock weight to use for the body of a Sunset Highway.


As for knitting; I did finish up two socks but not a pair.  This will be September and Octobers sock for the KAL.  I must admit I am getting a bit burned out on sock knitting.  I love to knit socks, but being on a schedule is not so fun.  But I only have to finish these two pair and make two more pair to complete the KAL.  I do love KALs as they force me to accomplish projects I might very well otherwise let languish in my knitting bags.  The yarn for the blue/mauve/green sock is one that was dyed by my middle Erica.  I have been wanting to knit something in it for ages.  I love the color variations.


On late Sunday my Nespresso pods arrived from Amazon (don’t we all love how Amazon Prime includes Sunday delivery?!).  I brewed up a latte and oh my stars but it was wonderful.  The machine added hot frothy milk as the espresso was also filling the glass.  I am not disappointed in this yard sale find at all!  Since the pods have arrived I have been enjoying espressos too many time during the day!

This morning seemed like a good time to finally jump in and paint the bathroom.  Oh how I do not enjoy painting rooms; but it is a necessity.  I wanted a calmer more relaxing atmosphere in the guest bathroom and I am just so over the nasty brown/tan/whatever you call it that was put in all the houses of this era…yuck!  I completed it all except that corner above the tub/shower.  No matter how I have tried I just cannot reach it.  It will be left for the husband.  But I did go ahead and put up the decor.  Next I need to get a new shower curtain and rod…a trip to Home Goods should solve that problem.  But over all I am pleased with the outcome.  Notice that I added that large canvas of the path that I had in my entryway.  I like it much better on this wall in the bathroom.




Tomorrow I will head over to Condon for a few days with my mom.  I am looking forward to seeing her.  Then it will be home and off to work and the end of my free days again for awhile.

And now I must see to some school assignments.  Never a dull moment and I do enjoy it that way!

Happy September!!




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