Back into the Fray We Go…

Comes the day and it is back to work for me once again.  I am actually quite excited about this job and look forward to going into work.  After such a long spell at a company that was anything but ethical and decent, it had been a difficult transition back into the field.  It helped to have a few stops along the way that were positive.  I am liking what I see with this company a lot.  But deeper is that I have changed myself.  The way in which I handle stress has changed.  I have adapted mind body practices that help me remain calm and deal with stress in a healthy manner.  I am eating healthier and walking nearly daily.  And of course it certainly helps to have a beautiful community and an awesome office.  I am very influenced by my surroundings so a beautiful environment helps considerably.

After one day on the job I was off to training for two.  Arrived home after two long, busy, and enjoyable days of orientation at my new company headquarters.  I met the loveliest people and just had the best time.  You know how sometimes you just seem to click with people and there seems to be synergy in a group.  That was how this group was, most of us just clicked and really had an amazing time together with the desire to keep in touch.  But I did get too little sleep as we stayed up way too late and then had long days of orientation.  But it was just a lovely time.  The hotel was beautiful as well with nice soft comfy beds and the puffiest ever pillows.

Days off arrived and what a perfectly gorgeous fall day; just right for heading out to see if there were any last minute estate sales.  As luck would have it, I actually happened upon 2.  One had nothing but the other had these adorable Hummels.  I have not seen these little friars before, but they are older Hummels with the markings that date them to pre-1955.  Little Brother Cadfael!  And I do love Brother Cadfael! (For those not familiar with Brother Cadfael is a fictional character by Ellis Peters mystery serious set in the 12th century Shrewsbury in Wales.  It was made into a series staring Derek Jacobi.  He is a Benedictine monk and herbalist.  It is amazing!)


I also chanced upon this adorable reindeer family just like the ones my mom gave to my girls when they were little.  Of course I had to grab them…right?!


Sweet little family sign.  I love the photo letters.


Found this for my garden along with some garden lights and tools.  I just love this and will hang it on the fence with my other goodies.


I also got a bit of fun squishy mail this week.  Now that I am back to work I should have much less time to spend on the IG destash pages!  But I did score some lovely fabrics and yarns from those destash pages!




Sadly, my knitting has taken a back seat with the travel and back to work this week.  But I did get the body of the penguin complete.  Next will be his little beak and wings.  He is going to be absolutely adorable.  Cannot wait for my Mary Maxim order to arrive with all my other kits and books.  Will be casting on the Thanksgiving doll outfit and the turkey asap!  However, I must must must finish my socks and keep up with my sock KAL!


I absolutely love this cooler weather, but my yard is looking pretty shabby.  Won’t be long and I will pull down all the decor furnishings and put them away until next spring.  I used to just leave everything out, but it just goes so quickly to wreck and ruin that I now put most things away into the shed.


These poor babies are once again adjusting to having me back and work and gone for a good part of the day.  It is nice that the hubby and I work different shifts so they have limited kennel time.  I do love my babies!


Well dears, that is about it for this week.  It seems that work will most certainly change how much I am able to play at home, but it is all good.  Life is made up of many seasons and one must adapt and carry on.



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