And just like that October arrives..

Boy Howdy, was I was ready to usher out September and welcome October.  September was a season of deep loss and struggle.  Although grief remains and the struggles continue, life has a way of just moving along in spite of how we may feel.  I find that there is solace in the ordinary and mundane as well as in continuing the seasonal rituals.  One such ritual is putting out my decor.  I enjoy immensely the process of decorating as each piece carries memories of past holiday seasons.  I did take a few of my decorations into work to cheer up our lobby and add a bit of color.  However, I am very happy with the results of my bits and bobs scattered here and there throughout the house.  Halloween has long been one of my favorite holidays to decorate for as the colors are very cheerful to me.  Pumpkin oranges, eggplant purples, butternut yellows, myriad shades of greens; all the lovely colors of the harvest!  I keep the diffuser running along with candles and a few scentsy burners to ensure every room is awash with the smells of the season.


With the return to work and putting in very long hours, my hobbies have taken quite a back seat.  I am lucky to get home before dark.  However, that will change as I get things stabilized and feel like I have a good grasp on the position.  Yet, I do not complain as I love going into work!  I have been able to pick up a bit of work on my socks in the evenings.  I am making my way down the heel of my second October sock.

I did cave and purchase a few more IG destash items.  But I am seriously stopping that now.  I have more than I can possibly ever use…..but in reality is that really a problem….it will all be there waiting for me when I retire and can sew all day every day!  I have really found myself drawn to all the sweet novelty prints that have come out in the past several years.  Some day I will use them for hexies and other little projects.  I do so enjoy just looking at them in all their sweetness.


I did take the time and sew up my little dollies dress.  I need to get her some hair and she is done.  I thoroughly enjoyed making this simple little doll and do want to get some more little holiday dolls sewn up and perhaps some animals as well.  This doll is from a pattern that was sold in my quilting shop years and years ago.  Every stitch reminded me of the joy I had running that shop and how much my mom was involved and the special times we spent together sewing when she would come visit.  It was not uncommon for us to stay up all night sewing and visiting.  Those days were so precious and I am grateful for the memories we made together.


Although I quit going to yard sales and swore to stop buying stuff, when I saw this chair on FB marketplace I caved.  I am a huge sucker for anything needlepoint and this chair is just so beautiful!  I now have two needlepoint chairs.  Oh how I love being surrounded by beautiful handiwork!  Of course my Teddies are already happy reclining in the chair.  I do love my Teddies and pick them up here and there when I find those special ones!


I did bring home some special pieces from my mom’s house.  I am just so entirely sentimental.  My sisters wanted to just keep the house as is with everything in it, but I insisted since I am so far away I needed a few mementos.  I brought home a few cherished baskets and so enjoy looking at them.  Mother loved her baskets and had a most gorgeous collection.  Because they remind me of her, I had actually started a small collection myself.  The collection is now complete with the addition of her baskets.  I will pass one on to each of my girls eventually.


Well, my school term is winding down and due to circumstances I did not sign up for a second term this winter.  I am relieved as with the new job and trying to keep up with my assignments it has been difficult.  I will hit it hard spring and summer term.  I just can’t believe how much I am enjoying this program and all that I am learning.  I was hesitant of pursuing a PhD as I thought I could never keep up with the work load.  But what I have found is that everything I learn has had such practical application and I have used the knowledge both at work and in my personal life.  One of the mottos of Saybrook is that it finds you at a time and place when you need this learning.  Nothing could be more true!

And now dear readers, I am going to pull out my knitting, curl up on the couch, put on some soft piano music and just relax.  It has been a long week and I am due for some self care and R&R.


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