As we say goodbye to October

The month of October was really rather a blur for me.  But I did manage to get out several times to enjoy the beauty of Autumn.  The trees have all turned the burnished colors of Autumn, and the yards and streets are awash in a multicolored quilt of leaves.  Our daily walks now, when we can get out, are taken in the twilight hours.  The air is crisp and moist.  Gardens are giving up their last crops and preparing to slumber through winter.  I love this time of year, how I would love to live in a world of Autumn year round!  Well perhaps I would like a few spring days sprinkled here and there.


My knitting mojo returned and I completed my October socks and one November sock.  I am knitting the November sock out of a yarn that I found at a yard sale for .50 cents.  It is bouncy and stretchy and I really enjoy knitting on it!  I am beginning to think I may just complete this box o’ socks KAL and complete all 12 pair!  But boy howdy am I tired of knitting socks!  I am ready to switch to mittens as I have a passel of grands that will be needing mittens for the winter!


I have also picked up my shawl once again, I had casts it on then it got put to the side.  I am knitting Helen Stewart’s Amulet Shawl once again.  The main body is out of a yarn by Despondent Dyes and the contrast is my own natural dyed with marigolds.  I enjoy working on anything by Helen Stewart as her patterns are so easy to follow!


I love the wee morning hours when it is still dark out and the world is just beginning to wake up.  I have my special morning ritual, small things that just set the tone for the rest of the day. Lately it has included some soft Christmas Jazz, but often it is silence.  I fix my coffee, do some simple meditation, and do my daily morning pages and then a bit of knitting on my latest project.  It allows me to ease into the day and prepare for the nonstop whirlwind that faces me each day as I walk into work. There is nothing as cozy as being curled up with my doggies, the world silent and dark around me; knowing that soon the day will begin and I will be prepared for whatever it shall bring.

I awoke to a surprise last week, my Christmas cactus was all abloom!  It has not bloomed for several years.  I did change locations this summer and put it in the living room in the window.  Apparently this is the spot that is just right!


Just the other day, a group of my friends were discussing buying clothing and how it seems that the second hand places have become the best option lately.  I like to chose second hand for a variety of reasons.  I think mostly I like knowing that I am not supporting yet another throw away industry, but recycling that which is already out there and keeping less out of the landfills.  I also like the prices and, honestly, the selection is often better.  Mass produced clothing limits the styles I get to chose from, as it is dictated by whatever “they” determine to be in fashion.  I am fortunate that we have numerous second hand shops here locally.  With the move toward trying to use less and protect the environment, it only makes sense to recycle clothing.  I have gotten some beautiful pieces for pennies by shopping wisely and digging deep.  In fact, I made a stop by today as I needed some black slacks.  I found a pair of black and grey and a lovely dressy top as well.

And now since it is my hubby’s birthday we are going to visit our local pastry shop for some late lunch and cake.

Happy Autumn,


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