Hello November

Once again I take down my Halloween decor and pack it safely away for another year, then out come the turkeys.  I love holiday decor as you know.  I have seriously parred it all down over the past five years or so, well I have tried, but with yard and estate sales, bits and bobs still creep in here and there.  I mean, who can resist all the lovely seasonal decor?  Especially when it is vintage, handmade, or just exquisite quality?


Oh how I love my mornings!  Isn’t this just the most cozy, warm, and inviting space?


It is in these early mornings that I can reflect, write my morning pages, sip my cuppa, and sneak in a few rows of knitting.  It just sets the tone for my entire day!  And with the time change waking up early is just that much easier!

Only a short year ago, my youngest and family were temporarily living with me while her hubby took another job and got them settled into a new place.  After she left I was quite depressed and just couldn’t seem to shake it.  Having her here, even as crazy and crowded as it was, really made me realize how deeply I missed my girls and grands.  Follow a trip for 3 weeks to see another daughter, followed by a trip to the beach with my third, and my bestie moving away and well I found I was in a pretty deep funk.  I did begin to focus more on spending time with family and focused on seeing my mom as much as possible.  I am so grateful that I did!  Come Autumn, and although losing my mom has left a deep hole in my heart, I am finding joy in living again.  Perhaps it was in losing her that I realized that I had to embrace and appreciate this life.  Perhaps it was feeling such deep grief that highlighted the beauty of joy when I felt it.  I still miss my mom so deeply and my girls and grands dearly, but I once again look forward to each season and just being.  I realized this only yesterday as I was looking forward to getting my Christmas decor out and decorating the house.  It is so hard living far from family and loved ones, but I can find ways to keep them close and they are all just a trip away.  So I keep busy and count my blessing and remain grateful for those times of joy and being with those I love.

After I cast off the first of November sock, I picked up the little penguin again that I had started when my I was visiting my mom just prior to her complete decline.  She had wanted to knit this little guy up for my nephew for Christmas but wasn’t sure she still could work on the fine yarn.  So I eagerly started it for her (well after I finished the cute little candy corn dolly dress for her).  I wasn’t sure I could make little items because they always look so complicated, but they really aren’t.  These little projects really are fun and near instant gratification.  I am amazed at how simple they actually are!  This little guy will go off to my nephew from my dearest mom.  I have another candy corn dress to make for another niece and then I have done all the knitting that my mom wanted me to do for her for her grands.  I just wish she could see this little guy….she would just love him!


Although I only finished one of the November socks, I couldn’t resist casting on this for the December sock.  This yarn is not something I would buy off the shelf, but I got it for .50 at an estate sale and figured I may as well get it knitted up.  It is wool but not quite as soft as most wools I have knitted on.  I’m hoping it will block out a bit softer.


I just recently discovered a great way to organize my knitting projects that I keep by my chair.  My daughter had a 31 Bag party some time back and, well you know how it is, we feel we must order and support our kids… But OMG am I glad I did.  I LOVE these bags and organizers.  Fast forward months later and I have acquired a stash.  I love how this Deluxe organizer can fit so much and it even has a lid.  I only have one of the file folders inserted in it at this time, but will get 3 more as they fit just perfectly and can be pulled out when working on that particular project.  Being an organization freak this is just my cuppa!!


I have gone out to a few estate sales, but aside from seeing some amazing and beautiful houses, nada.  Not a thing worth buying.  I did find this cute pillow in a stack of stuff headed to goodwill.  I thought it was just the cutest ever.  Being hand done I just had to have it.  The stitching is exquisite; its just all too cute.


And now I must off to run a few errands and accomplish my days chores.

Finding Joy,



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