Lots and lots of love..

I was beyond blessed with Christina and the grands showed up a few weeks prior to flying out and spent those last days with me.  We had the most marvelous time ever and made so many many precious memories!

I wanted the time to be so special and planned some special treats.  Since they had limited space in their luggage I knew it had to be something small that could be utilized right away.   I bought small items that could be opened nightly to celebrate advent.  The kids loved it and looked so forward each night to their special treat for the day!


Every night Christina read to us from Dickens Christmas Carol while the kids partook of their treat.


The weather cooperated a great deal of the time and we got out to their favorite park for play.  The grands just love this park and the balance tire.


Christina is just the best cook ever and every night we had such lovely dinners!  She also made me a plum pudding and of course we followed with each person taking a turn at stirring while making a wish.  The pudding will be basted until Christmas, at which time to be sliced and enjoyed!


Christina busted out the Christmas puzzles and we spent many hours chatting away as we worked the puzzles.  When the girls were young we always had a puzzle going, it was a great way to spend time together and listen to their daily news and it is still something we all enjoy!


The yard was a terrific mess when they arrived so Christina corralled the troops into a yard clean up.  Oh my but they worked diligently and the yard look amazing!!


Of course we had to do some  crafty things and other hand on fun things.  We had an evening of Christmas cookie baking.  We also made lava bead bracelets and I was able to find a few other crafts for the kids.



All too soon the day arrived.  My heart is so heavy as only a mother’s and grandmother’s heart can be.  Although I am so excited for their grand adventure and new life abroad, and I know it is simply a plane flight away, my heart hurts.


As I finish this post they are about to land in Ireland and the beginning of their grand adventure.  Oh this motherhood thing isn’t easy, but I could not be more proud of my daughter for taking this opportunity to offer her children a better life.  I would have done the same thing if the opportunity would have presented itself.  When my girls were young, I taught them that the world was their oyster and to grab every adventure.  I took them off on a grand tour of the UK and France when they were young to reinforce the teaching that the world was there for the taking (Just as my parents sent me off on a grand adventure when I was 18 turning 19…I spent my 19th birthday in Paris).  How could I not be excited when I find that my she is indeed her mother’s daughter?!  And I treasure and feel so blessed by the time we had together before their departure.  Now to get that passport and book my flight!!


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