Winding down the year..

Now that December is nearly over, I find myself mulling over the past year and looking toward the next.  I must say that 2018 was filled with much upheaval and loss and certainly not the kindest year.  Numerous years ago I was introduced to the idea of finding a word that would embody what you hoped to accomplish/be/live the next year.  Then a few years ago I chanced upon an amazing tool by Susannah Conway that not only assisted in finding your word, but provided a guided exercise in reviewing the previous year and planning the next.  Unravel Your Year is simply the best.  She also offers a free journal for finding your word and you can sign up for her monthly love letters.  Susannah also offers a variety of e-courses; all focused on helping you to reach your true potential.  You can find it all here  It takes me several weeks to complete the journal and I have kept my old ones to reflect back on and see just where my journey has taken me.


I have so enjoyed the Young Living advent calendar and each day has been a treat.  Something I certainly need this year!!  I have began to use my oils more and more.  When I first dipped my toes into the oils all I thought them for was to diffuse.  But now I add them to unscented body butter to create a marvelous scent that stays with me me all day.  I also wear my lava bracelets daily and they are a fun way to dabble in numerous scents.  Although one time I accidentally put a strong healing scent on and boy howdy I had to leave the bracelets lay until the oils dissipated as the smell was simply awful.  I also rub scents on to help modify my mood.  And I recently started adding them to my bath along with some Epsom salts.  I have yet to make up any sprays or roll ons; but I will certainly start that at the first of the year.  I just enjoy playing with them so very much.  When I saw this great idea for storage I jumped on it.  This is a 31 bag and it just  works perfect for oil storage as you can see just what you have!  I need to get a second one for sure!


I send many many oils off to the girls.  I stuffed Christina’s luggage with myriad of bottles of oils along with bath and body products to last her a long while!  On the subject of sending things along to the girls; I have always enjoyed making and sending little care packages to them.  Parenting is a tough job and it can be so uplifting to receive a small unexpected parcel containing sweet surprises!

I certainly feel much better now that Christina and grands have made it to their new home and are busy settling in.  I miss them so very much.  But I know they are safe and starting on a new and exciting adventure and I know I will soon be there for a nice long visit!  And we can all chat daily through the wonders of technology!

Comes a rainy stormy week end and I set about beginning the task of decluttering.  Helping Christina clear out her stuff and move abroad really made me realize just how much extraneous clutter and stuff I have accumulated!  It is a bit daunting; but I am just taking it a bit at a time.  First I tackled the china cabinets and just started stacking everything I no longer wanted on my dining table.


My first goal was to eliminate at least one of my china cabinets with the goal of letting go of two before the next year ends.  Two of the hutches will go to my daughters; Becca will get the large cabinet with all the milk glass and Erica the smaller and all the Hummels.  So I carefully packed up a great deal of the milk glass to be put by the side until the time comes Becca is ready for it.  In one day I did manage to pack up a large box of goodies to go and empty a hutch and get it listed on the classifieds and sold within an hour!  Look at me go!

In the midst of all this change was the company Christmas party.  It was a lovely evening and so fun to hook up with many that I met in training.  It was held at the beautiful Sentinel Hotel in downtown Portland and everyone was dressed up in holiday finery.  However, unfortunately I was feeling quite under the weather.  But oh my look how lovely it all was!


Imagine my delight when I went to the post box and found a lovely package all tied up in brown string all the way from the UK!  It is from my secret sister and sitting under my tree awaiting Christmas Eve!  I cannot wait to open it and see what lovely treasures await me!!


I also received a lovely parcel from my dear friend Louella.  Every year for so many years Louella has gifted me a lovely ornament.  I now keep them all on my little vintage tree and just treasure each one.  This year’s ornament was just as cute as ever!


Well it is now a few more sleeps until Christmas.  I have hosted all the work parties for the year for both residents and staff, all my gifts have been wrapped and sent off, and I can just coast into the holiday with a cleared schedule.  How I love that.  The Plum Pudding that Christina stirred up while she was here is basting away in Rum just awaiting Christmas Day…oh how I cannot wait to cut into it!!  And now I must off to prepare for my work day.  It is a Friday so all is well!

Take Joy!



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