Welcome 2019

It just seems that we turn around and another year is upon us….and so it is now 2019.  2018 was not a kind year and was filled with so many ups and downs and with so much sadness and loss.  I am ready to embrace a new year and all the promise and adventure that awaits!  In working on finding my word for the year, the word courage kept coming up again and again.  Courage to truly simplify my life and let go of things; both the tangible and and that which exist only in my own mind.

But, before ringing in the New Year, on Christmas Eve I cut into the glorious Christmas Pudding that Christina and grands had stirred up while here.  It is filled with a myriad of wishes and taste like a dream!  I will savor a slice daily until the platter is clean!!  It is also just lovely to behold and smells of spice heaven!


Also on Christmas Eve I opened that lovely parcel wrapped in brown paper and string that traveled all the way from across the pond to my doorstep.  It was filled with wonderful things!  My secret Santa, Janet, outdid herself and I love every bit of it.  The bag will be so fun to use for toting items to work and it will be so fun to know I am carrying a bit of the UK with me!


After I spent several days sorting through the Christmas decor, packing and storing away, I jumped feet first into decluttering.  It is my year to eliminate half my possessions and I am serious as can be about this endeavor!  Courage indeed!  I started with the holiday decor and went from there to my hutches.  I easily condensed and had an empty hutch within a day.  Then it was cupboards and closets in the living area.  I have a growing wall of boxes and my plan was a yard sale until…..I discovered the wonder of FB marketplace.  I initially listed a few pieces of furniture and within minutes had literally dozens of messages.  I had every thing sold and out of the house within 2 hours!  OH MY!  So this is my new go to for downsizing.  An added bonus is you can get at least double what you would get at a yard sale!  There are a few things I am not yet ready to part with and I am holding back some things so I can have some lovely vignettes around the house….like this display of English village pieces.


I just love my monthly subscriptions/clubs.  I know I have mentioned Grove Collaborative before, but I just love it and it is worth mentioning again!  Every month it is so fun to try new products or reorder those I just cannot live without.  I love they are all natural and I love they are constantly introducing new items and including freebies.  This month it was this beautiful apron.  I have fallen in love with the Little Moon products and sent them off to all my girls so had to finally get a set for myself.  I also wanted to try the Badger Balms so when they had a three pack…well who could resist!  This and my monthly YL oil order are my fun mail!


I had lost my knitting mojo and was totally and completely socked out.  I did not complete my sock KAL but I did complete 10 pair and have 2 more socks completed waiting for their partners.  I am happy with the fact that I could knit 10 pair of socks in a year….that is so amazing considering the prior year I was lucky to get one pair done in 4 or 5 months!  My knitting really exploded in 2018.  I did pick up and work on my pachyderm hat and completed it.  But I really suck at doing color work on fingering and it will be quite surprising if this can fit on anyone head…..I just carry my floats too tight.  I do fine on worsted but just flopped with this project.  But it is ok as to me so much of knitting is the process.  I made this hat from my own hand dyed yarns.  It still needs a good blocking out.


Since there was a special order for a Stitches Plus Purls bag, I decide to go ahead and complete a few more from my botanically dyed fabrics.  I have decided to dip back into some bag making, but on a limited scale.  I had just gotten too burned out and it became drudgery.  But I’d  like to do a few here and there so will begin that process next week end.


It is taking me some time to get back into a routine.  The loss of my mom has settled deep inside me and I know it will take time to center myself again and find my own space/path/place in the universe.  It has taken me time to process the moving overseas of Christina and grands, but I know they are only a plane flight away and I am so eager to visit!  In all this, I know how deeply blessed I am.  Yet, Salem has never really felt like home to me.  And that has contributed to the struggle to recenter.  I have created a cozy nest which I love, have a job that I thoroughly enjoy, and am loving every minute of my PhD program; but it just is not home.  I have struggle with that feeling since after the first year of moving here.  I cannot pin point the reason although try as I might.  Generally I am a “wherever you go there you” are kinda girl.  Maybe it is growing older and being so far from my children and grands….that is huge….I miss them all dearly.  Whatever it may be, it is what it is, and my answer is to gather my nest eggs, decrease my possessions, and prepare to for the day I can say goodby to Salem and return to “home.”  I am not unhappy, as I am happy by nature, but I miss a sense of home, of belonging.  So I prepare for the move that I know will eventually take place when the timing is right.


I shared a few weeks back about poor Bruno’s eye ulcer.  Well, it just isn’t healing.  This is a not uncommon occurrence in boxers.  But after trying different meds the vet said it would now require deriding.  I am traveling for work the next few day so on Thursday my poor sweet Booger will go in and have this simple office procedure.  I am hopeful this will promote healing and get the eye cleared up!  He has not had to wear the cone at all but a few days after the original visit, but will once again with this procedure.  Oh how he hates it!!

And now dears, I must off to work…in meetings the next two days…never my favorite place to be…

Hopeful 2019,


2 thoughts on “Welcome 2019

  1. Happy New Year Patricia. I wish you joy & much contentment. I too am eager to purge those things which I don’t find useful or don’t bring me joy. Best wishes in your journey.

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