Whiling away the days…

Until I head to Monterey for my RC.  I am really excited to go.  See, I have to attend a residency conference every September and January for my PhD.  Every. single. other. time. I was set to attend something happened and I had to cancel.  So fingers crossed that next Thursday finds me on my way.  I am very much looking forward to it!  It is a week of working and networking with peers, professors, and others in our field.  I am also ready to begin classes again this week.  This academic journey has been so fulfilling and amazing!

I speak very little about my work, although I do enjoy this current position and company immensely.  But I just have to share this little cutie.  When it appeared a resident’s kitty needed a home, we decided to make her a community cat.  I admit, I am a dog person and really not a cat person.  But our little Puff Puff is just the cutest ever.  At first she was so shy and would not venture out of the HSD office, where she lives, but recently she has started visiting me in my office.  It does cause a distraction from work as she demands to be petted and will firmly plop down on the key board until attention is given…


She is just the sweetest kitty.

I was so delighted to receive happy mail and find it was a late Christmas gift from Erica.  The girls know I just love anything that says Grandma.  Well check this out….


My poor dear mother would be aghast.  She was always so shocked at the project bags that I made with cuss words on them.  I think it is hilarious…but I don’t think I will take it to work….

As I have been sorting and clearing out, I came across these skeins and decided I would start some mittens and hats .  I will do color work mittens out of the Jo Sharp and I think a hat out of the knit picks and Cascade.  I have been wanting to make the Anders on Top hat for a bit.


I am still plugging away on my shawl.  Not too enthused so it is just a row here and there.  My knitting mojo is still slumbering.  I do hope that starting some mittens and hat may just wake it up.  But it is all good either way.  Sometimes we have periods where we just need a break.  I am still working on project bags so my creative juices are still getting some work out.


Speaking of the bags,  I just got so burned out when the demand became overwhelming.  However, I miss the fun of creating the bags, so decided to once again produce some.  But it will be at my pace and my own leisure/pleasure.  I spent this morning finishing up some of the natural dyed bags I had started and I also worked on a few of the pieced bags.  I made quite the mess in the process as usual.


I am trying to better utilize my oils and when I found some unscented milled soap in my drawer I decide to give a try at turning it into scented soap.  I grated it down, added a bit of water, and microwaved it until it was melted enough to mix.  I added one of my favorite YL oils, Stress Away, and then rolled it into a log.  I am not sure if it is going to be scented enough.  Once it hardens I will give it a try.   Not at all pretty, but serves the purpose.


In my quest to declutter and par down half my belongings, I have been digging through my stash.  So far this is the best I can do with fabric destash.  When I return from the RC and have a bit more time I will get it photoed and listed on the IG destash page.  It is a bit more difficult for me to get rid of fabric, but must needs and I honestly have more than I could use in a lifetime or two!  I also have a few bags of yarn and fleece, but those will go to my sisters if they want them.  I do like to give things away to family first before selling.


While sorting, I pulled out my box of Valentine decor.  I put it out, but it just didn’t work so I put the box for sell and just kept these few cuties.  I just love that little candy heart box with the three candies…to cute!


Looking back at the week, this has been a pretty creative week for me, and that feels good!  I too often just let the days pass and do not engage my creative side.  I am so grateful that I come from a line of creative women who were well versed in the needle arts and sewing who encouraged my creativity as they shared their skills with me.

And now, although it is darn cold, the sun is shining brightly and the outdoors is calling me and my little Misha is impatiently waiting!

Happy Creating!


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