Road Trip and the Bug

I had the most wonderful time attending my Saybrook PhD Residency Conference in Monterey.  You see this is the first conference I have been able to attend since starting the program.  Something came up every time I had scheduled to go.  Erica decided to come by my house and we drove down spending one night in Redding on the way there and back.  Boy Howdy…next time I will take the train…it was one long trip..but then I am the worst car traveler EVER!

But the conference!!  I met and was able to interact with so many many gifted and talented peers!  The speakers were over the top amazing and had so much to share. There were so many awesome sessions it was difficult to narrow it down to a few!!   I participated in a wonderful all day session on Mindful and Compassionate Leadership in Healthcare which was so enriching, a Dream Table, and Holy Callings and Creative Sensibilities.  But the session that really rocked me and was most transformative was the two day session on Transformative Social Change as a Vocation.  I did not realize that Saybrook offered a PhD in Transformative Social Change!  I admit I am toying with the idea of changing from Mind Body Medicine to TSC!  It is more where my heart lies…but I am two years in so change may be too costly in time and courses.  I am going to check with the head of that department and see where it would put me.  OMG let me tell you that group was really where I felt I fit in!  I have always been an activist and rebel; pushing the limits and desiring change….living in how things should be not how they are.   So we shall see.  The problem with Saybrook is that I want to do all the programs all the time!!!TSC Group Photo RC Spring 2019

To be at a conference with such intelligent, caring, and motivated people was humbling to say the least.  I certainly look forward to the next one and the next….and so on…


And the food….dear Lord…we had so much to eat.  I chose the vegan option each meal and it was delicious.


A group of us took a trip to Pacific Grove to see the Monarchs.  Sadly there were little to none there.  The butterfly sanctuary is beautiful and filled with cypress and eucalyptus trees and was just such a peaceful spot.  Regarding the Monarchs, I remember when I lived in the Bay Area and would take trips home to visit my parents when the monarchs were migrating.  The sky would be yellow with them; thousands of butterflies and sadly the highway was covered with those that were hit by cars as they crossed the freeway.  It was breathtaking to drive through the migration path and be surrounded by these beautiful creatures.  It is catastrophic that they are disappearing due to man’s destruction of the planet.


This is a nut from the eucalyptus tree.  I found the trees quite fascinating!


While out and about we drove by the wharf.  We only had one sunny day while we were there, and we were in conferences all day that day of course.


I just loved this weathered mailbox so had to snap a pic.


While out and about we came upon the cutest book store ever.  It was connected to a tea shop.  Neither of us can resist a bookstore!  We also hit a few thrift stores but there was nothing to be found, no hidden treasure at all.


Back home and Erica and part of the crew hung out a few days with me.  I just love the time with my kids and grands!  It really is what life is all about!  I pulled out all the legos and they had the best time building.  I love love love collecting toys for the grands and still keep a closet full.  They all know when they come to grandma’s house they are free to take home any of the toys as grandma will just stock up with more for the next visit.


A return to work and lots of catch up to do; but a few days in and I was hit hard by the bug..the nasty flu bug.  Oh my, I cannot remember when I had such a bad case of stomach flu.  It certainly put me down hard.  But within 48 hours I was feeling better and able to work on more project bags for Stitches Plus Purls Etsy shop.  I had stopped making bags as I suffered tremendous burn out from making so so many on demand.  But I missed the joy of piecing together the bits and bobs to make the bag fronts.  So I decided to take it up once again; but this time at my own pace!  It is a nice little extra bit to add to my savings, as well.  I just love my sewing room and do enjoy spending time in there.  I plan to do more declutter and destash some of my fabric and yarn as my stash has grown a bit too large!

fullsizeoutput_18e5IMG_1492IMG_1494However, since returning home I have not had a chance to jump back onto the declutter/eliminate wagon.  I did manage to send a lot of bits off with Erica so that was a few less boxes of clutter.  I have this habit of buying things that I just think I need to have and then finding I do not use them…a Vitamix, a Kitchen Aide…Dooney bags…often not cheap things. But not this year, as that is changing.  This year all that extra money is going into savings as I seriously plan my exit strategy from the work environment. I do think my office area looks a bit better with less clutter.  With school back in full swing and papers to be written, an organized, yet cosy, setting is essential!



And look at how nicely I have all my knitting projects with the systems I used utilizing bags from 31 Bags.  I love it!  This fits nicely in my corner by my chair so all is within arms reach.


And now I must off to finish up some projects bags.  The hubby is out of town for a few days, so that leaves me free to keep any schedule I please.

Happy Sewing!




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