Settling back in…

After the RC and the bug this week I finally felt that I had settled back into my routine.  I am most certainly a creature of habit and like a routine.  Not that I get stuck in a rut.  But just daily routine; I like getting up early in the morning so I have time to enjoy a cuppa while relaxing or sneaking in a bit of knitting before work, I like coming home to a cozy house in the evening and curling up with my knitting, a book, some sewing, or a good Brit TV.  I do like to add an evening walk when the weather changes.  I do not like being cold one bit!  I am really a homebody and nothing makes me happier than to just putter around the house doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

This week I had a bit of a stressor, however, as I had a research paper due and with being sick hadn’t done a thing on it.  I can generally put out a paper with moderate effort, but with this one nothing was coming…nada.  I spent 2 hours on a few paragraphs Monday and was beginning to get worried.  Then late Tuesday it came to me and I was able to finish it up and have if formatted by Thursday.  Oh what a relief.  Now to start the next one that is due in 3 weeks….. This course is all about mindfulness, authenticity, and leadership which are subjects that I have a great deal of practical and working knowledge about.  When writing papers though, I do have issues with having a certain page count required.  Generally we have to have 10+ pages of our research/writing for a course work paper.  I do like the research part of writing.  I learn so many many fascinating things.  I have decided to just stay with the Mind Body Medicine program. After giving it a lot of thought and reviewing all the courses I think I need to stay the course.  I am excited about some of the upcoming classes so that helps.  If any one is wanting to know just what this doctoral program is about and what you would possibly do with a PhD, Netflix just released an amazing documentary call Heal.  It really covers so much of the science and where research is taking us.  Amazing, inspiring, and exciting!!

After thinking that we had dodged winter weather the snow hit.  It came down in huge fat flakes and covered everything.  Luckily it hit on Saturday so I was able to just enjoy watching it out the window whilst cuddled up all cozy and warm.


It did not stick and within a day was all melted away and the sun was peaking through.  But it was so beautiful and a nice surprise.  I love snow as long as I do not have to drive all over town in it….not in a city anyway!

I have been working right along on my Amulet Shawl.  I am really pleased with this color combo.  The yellow just makes me smile.  It is made up of myriad tones and knits up beautifully.  I will have enough of these yarns left over I will knit a pair of matching socks.  The yellow is one I dyed with coreopsis from my garden with an added bit of marigolds.


I also did some sewing and completed 13 projects bags to list in the Etsy shop.  I enjoyed the process of making these.  I did take time to also go through all my cottons and have many ready to destash on IG.  In going through them I have so many other combos that I cannot wait to sew into bags.  These two large bags are from fabric I ordered from Spoonflower.  I just thought they were both so cute.  But I did not expect the cat print to be so large.  It takes a large bag to fit in some of the design.


When February arrived I was committed to doing the Fiberuary challenge on IG.  I tried I really did, but I just wasn’t able to keep up with posting something every day.  I love following others who do and maybe when I am on school break I can join all the fun IG challenges like the Fiberuary one.

That has been it for my week.  I feel like I got a lot accomplished this week and that always feels good!  Tomorrow is back to work, start the next paper, and begin more project bags.  Yes, I have work cut out for me and that is all good.

Happy February,




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