February Musings

I haven’t written a blog for a few weeks as I have had my head buried in writing research papers for my course.  Sometimes it is a struggle to get started, but when the flow finally arrives and the paper is already planned out in your head then it just flows.  I love when that happens.  It is the papers that each paragraph is a struggle and you find yourself rewriting sentences numerous times…those are the demons.  This current course I am in has certainly been the most challenging.  But it is nearly over; have a paper to finish, a Ppt to present on the paper, and one last posting and it is complete. Three weeks and I will have a week before the next course begins.  I cannot yammer on enough about how much I am loving the learning process.  It seems I am learning so much that I often think my head cannot contain it all.

I was so excited to get a call from my bestie telling me she was going to be in town for 2 nights!  What a wonderful treat!  We stayed up too late each night catching up.  I was looking forward to taking her to work to give me some ideas for decor.  She gave me the shot in the arm I needed to really start transforming my work environment.  Mia just has the perfect eye for decorating and I was so excited when she suggested we go shopping.  We hit the best sale ever at Pier One and with her talent at pulling things together the main lobby was transformed in no time!  That launched me into tackling other spaces and the place is really taking on a new look.  Updates were so necessary.  I always forget how a bit of moving things around and adding bits here and there can transform spaces!


This front desk still needs a bit more love and clutter clear up, but it is better!


I also did a major rearrangement of my office space.  It was packed with furniture and had no flow.  I like it a great deal better this way!


I still have a lot of shopping to do and have requested some new furniture pieces.  But it is exciting to see the transformation and the residents absolutely love it!  It is important to me to work in attractive spaces!

While here I had Mia go through my yarn stash to pick out something for a shawl.  She couldn’t decide between these three so now I am looking at patterns that would compliment at least one of them.  I cannot decide which one I want to knit up either.  Hmmmmm I will know it when I see it.  I love the blue and it is cashmere, but the green and pink have so much energy….


I have about 12 more rows of lace on my Amulet shawl and then I can cast on for her shawl.  I have really enjoyed knitting this shawl.  I love Helen Stewarts patterns!


There have been so many estate sales over the past few months and I have resisted going.  But I decided that I enjoyed going to them so decided to venture out to one this week.  It was crowded but so much fun.  Sadly there was nothing that really caught my eye except a few cookie sheets to replace my blacken monsters and this cute garden sign.  I can never resist yard decor.  And those who know me know I believe in fairies so this is just perfect for me!  My little garden sprites will love it!


I also found this table runner that is the length of my dining table.  I thought it was quite lovely and for a few dollars I snagged it.  The basket just reminded me of my mom so I couldn’t resist!


Seems we just can’t get a break here in Oregon.  The entire state has been slammed with snow storms for over a week.  Awoke to this.  It is so beautiful and I would love a good hard snow…if I didn’t have to drive in it in the city!  It will be gone in no time however so will enjoy the beauty.


Did anyone else get caught up in the new Netflix series The Umbrella Academy?  I binge watched it in a few days!  I am not sure why I enjoyed it so much as it really isn’t my usual genre.  It was so dark but no in your face slashing.  I cannot watch violence so that rules out almost all US series and movies….and isn’t that just crazy!  We wonder why we are such a violent society…hello…  I generally watch Brit TV while I knit.  I also love documentaries.  I just finished Heal….watched it twice.  Last evening I watched Eating You Alive.  I cannot resist the food documentaries.  I have been stepping in and out of veganism for over a year now.  I need to just stay in as it is when I feel my best!  I love veggies and have never been a real meat eater so it isn’t hard.  Its giving up half and half in my coffee that I just about cannot bear!  I have yet to find a milk substitute that I like.  But I do use coconut or almond milk and just suffer…lol.  I had a bit of a scare with my health so need to get down and serious about taking better care of myself.  I am working on a PhD in Mind Body Medicine for heavens sake…I know this shit!

Speaking of food….  I just signed up for Imperfect Produce!  I have been waiting forever, it seems, for it to come to my city and now it is here!  I get my first box on Thursday.  I chose the small organic box.  I had been reading all the reviews and saw nothing negative.  Cannot wait for my first box!  You all know I love monthly subscriptions.  I am still enjoying my Grove subscription and have pretty much gotten rid of all products in the house that are not natural.  I get so many fun free products from Grove.  Love getting my box every month.  I also enjoy my Young Living oils monthly order.  I use many of their personal products along with oils and love everything!  And I just signed up to participate in a 31 Bag monthly party for 6 months.  I do have my little indulgences as we all need to have those!  I do use Amazon subscribe and save but with all that I am reading about Amazon I think I will stop supporting them.  Yeah I am just one little cog but changes happens one person at a time.

Well I must ready and off to work…

Have a lovely week!


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