On yet another year older

Let me tell you that this year the spring forward really kicked me.  I found myself not being able to sleep so staying up really late but still getting up early in the morning and the exhaustion just was a bit overwhelming for a good week.  I don’t know about you, but I think it’s about time we just do away with the nonsense of leaping forward and just go about our business.

On the heels of the time change came my birthday.  Now I prefer to keep my birthday rather quiet and under wraps at work.  But nothing doing.  I arrived at work to numerous birthday wishes, flowers, gifts, and food.  While all the hoopla makes me embarrassed I must admit it was so very endearing!  Best of all is that we get a day off to celebrate so I am taking full advantage of a 3 day week end to sew, knit, and catch up schoolwork.  It is hard to believe I have hit the ripe old age of 61!  Where does time go?!

And what all does one do with an extra day off?  Well for one thing get out all the Easter decor and start the decorating process.

IMG_1535In the world of knitting this week, I had one cast off and am ready to begin the next cast on.  I finished up the Amulet shawl and I am now ready to cast on Wildes Meer by Kristen Of Voolenvine.  I have wanted to knit that shawl for some time and when my dear friend Mia was here I had her pick out yarn for a shawl and her choice is just perfect for that pattern!



This was knit in one of my botanical dyed yarns using coreopsis to get this amazing yellow, and then a yarn by Despondent Dyes. Kathy dyes up lovely yarns with the funniest names for her color ways.  Check her out at https://despondentdyes.com



I have also been playing in the sewing room making yet more bags.  I do have a good dozen completed and just need to get them listed.  I so enjoy sewing them when there is no pressure to meet deadlines!


I have been so happy with my imperfect produce subscription Imperfectproduce.com. I have received 3 deliveries so far.  This last week I ended up with 2 boxes as I also got some canned goods…yes they also have some great organic canned items!  I love how each Monday before my Thursday delivery I can go into my account and add or delete items or even just  skip that weeks delivery.  It is so nice to have a well stocked refrigerator full of organic produce and an overflowing fruit bowl!

I love chard and look at all those beautiful organic bunches.  Also look at that asparagus!!   And blood oranges…so sweet and delicious!


Speaking of things I love.  I have become hooked on 31 Bags and since my niece is a consultant I have easy access to ordering All The Time!  I love how she keeps it so fun and is always doing innovative ideas to promote the bags.  Check her out at http://www.mythirtyone.com/480645. They just recently added a Llama design…LLAMAS!!  I cannot pick a favorite but here are a few ways I use and LOVE them!


Check out that huge gym bag in the back!  I use the black geometric to carry items to work and back.  The feathered one holds my latest knitting project, and the flower one is a thermal which I use to pack my lunch to work in.  Waaayyyy to fun!!  Yes I am a bit obsessed with these!


Ohhh and see how I use them by my chair to hold my current WIPs.  The deluxe utility holds three of the smaller folders which have handles and I can easily take out as I am working on a project.  I keep this by my couch within arms reach.


I did get out to an estate sales again this week.  I didn’t go early though so the first pickings were gone.  But I did find a few items.  Love this vintage Christmas table runner.  I will probably cut out the designs and use them in a quilt or my own version of a table runner.  And that Oregon cup!  I just couldn’t pass that up. It will most likely find its way into a care package headed to Ireland.


The other day I was thinking about how some books are like old friends and I cannot bear to part with them.  For me those include the books of Gladys Taber, DE Stevenson, Lillian Beckwith, Elizabeth Goudge, Betty MacDonald, Miss Read…oh dear the list is quite exhausting…Louise Dickenson Rich, and Shirley Jackson.  I recently picked up my volume of Jackson’s short stories which include my two favorites that she wrote about raising her children; Living Among the Savages and Raising Demons.  My copy of this book is an old library cast off with a multicolored binding.  Nothing attractive but I love it nonetheless for what treasures lie inside.  I had not read Jackson for years and forgot how dark many of her short stories were.  Her writing is exceptional and she crosses numerous genres with ease.


Lordy, Lordy another term already started.  Saybrook is changing most of their courses from 8 weeks to 15 next year.  While I like the 8 week shorter duration, it means no breaks between term A and B and the intensity of completing numerous papers and presentations in an 8 week period is just brutal.  This term I am finally taking my ethic class. I put it off as long as possible.  An ethics course is always a requirement.  It was in my MA work and again in PhD.  But it is interesting and, at only a week in, already learning new information.  The learning is just so exciting to me, it never gets old.  I dread the papers and presentations, but that is really where the deep learning lies.  I love the research part of paper writing.  Having access to a professional journals and articles through the Saybrook library is so valuable.  Often when I want to know more about something or read something that doesn’t sound quite right, I can pop into the on-line library and do a quick research to ascertain what peer reviewed studies and true research has to say on the matter.  I LOVE that!

And now with the warmer days, I can get out and about in the yard.  Seems we went from freezing to 60s overnight.  Nightly walks will also commence once again and the doggies and I do love our walks.  With that said, I must off to stake up the raspberry plants as I managed to find nice metal fencing post at todays estate sale for .50…how bizarre is that?

Spring Forward,


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