Springing along…

Once March gave up her roar, spring came tumbling in with sunshine amidst showers.  The days feel longer with the time change, and the temps have been inching into the 70s. I think perhaps my body is slowly adjusting to that dratted spring forward nonsense, although I still cannot manage to climb out of bed at 5:30 am, my preferred time to get up so I can savor the nice chunk of the day before heading to work.  It has been lovely to get out in the evening for a walk with the doggies.  Oh how they love those walks! And I love all the signs of spring popping up everywhere!  We have had a week of absolutely gorgeous weather, but tomorrow the rains return for the next week or so.  But that is what keeps the PNW so beautifully green!


We had a fun visitor at work the other day.  A llama!  He was just the sweetest guy ever and ever so soft.  The residents just loved him and he seemed to enjoy all the attention and hugs.  You can see why the yarn is so deliciously soft!!


With Easter coming up soon, I sprinkled bunnies here and there throughout the house.  It makes for a nice bright festive look and just shouts spring!  I did take a few pieces to work as well to cheer up the lobby.  Most of my bunnies have come from yard sales other than the ones I sewed up several years ago.  The darling embroidered piece is actually a pillow case and I got it at a yard sale as well.  I just thought it was the cutest ever!


I wanted to share the decor at work as I was so pleased with it!  This tree!!!  Isn’t it just gorgeous!  It lights up as does the small silver egg.


We must always have candy on the front desk.  Don’t mind the pizza box in the back…lol…it actually contained churros that we bought for the entire staff….yummmm!!


I brought a few of these things from home, but I found most of them at Home Goods and Pier One.  I am darn good at bargain hunting and Pier One has amazing quality for great prices!!

I have not done much knitting.  I did get Voolenvine’s Wildes Meer  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/wildes-meer cast on.  I am enjoying knitting on this pattern, it its very intuitive and easy.  The yarn is actually a bright springy green not the yellow it looks here.  This will be a shawl for my bestie Mia.  I am using a skein of MadelineTosh Sock in the color way Grasshopper.  It is always such slow going when you first begin a shawl.


I started another group of project bags and just had to make one out of this zombie fabric.  This is a larger bag and will not be for sale as it will go to my youngest.  I love how I placed the label.  Not a fan of zombies or all the zombie shows but Becca is and will love it!


I was so excited to receive my monthly Grove order https://www.grove.co/home I fell in love with the pomegranate dish and hand soap sets so got a bit crazy with my order.  But when one was added free along with two dish brushes and 2 pair of gloves….well how could I go wrong?!  Grove has opened up a world of natural products that I would never have otherwise been aware of!


I have made a few estate sales here and there, but they have been the slimmest of pickings.  So when I saw this little lady on the FB yardsale site….well I just had to snatch her right up!  Isn’t she just the sweetest?


Well as you see it has been relatively quiet so there has not been a great deal to write about.  And now I must off to work on bags and do a bit of knitting.

Happy Spring!


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