Vacation time begins!

The last few weeks have been busy indeed.  I was so excited to take a week away from work and head down to visit Becca and family!  It had been way too long since I had been down so when the hubby announced he had a week off, I suggested we jump in the car and spend the week with the grands!  The trip, although longs, was nice.  We were surprised to see so much snow still on the mountains!

We arrived in time to celebrate Easter with them.  We spent the week just enjoying being with them all.  The hubby took the kids to the park every day and I helped Becca catch up on some organization and knit up a bevy of dish clothes for her.  I spent one afternoon taking Bella out to have a look through the thrift stores.  It was all just so wonderful and the week went by far too fast.

Silly Easter fun!


Matty LOVED the park!  He came back each day saying how much fun he had and then falling fast asleep!


Look at that face…doesn’t he just look like a mischievous little nymph?


My little Emmy loves to spend her days doing gymnastics and bouncing about like Tigger!


It so hard to believe that my Bella is already a young lady.  She is just the sweetest and kindest and I could not be more proud of her!!


Maddox is totally all boy.  He is inquisitive and loves to spend his days teasing his sisters. He reminds me of my little brother so much!


Of course I cannot forget Charlee.  She lived with us for over a year and is always so excited to see Misha.  They were the best buddies and always love playing together.


I just wish I had more time to spend with my girls and grands.  I look so forward to the day I retire and can spend endless amounts of time with them with no deadlines or schedules!!

Before I went to visit, I had managed to catch a few estate sales.  I have gotten so selective in my purchases and seem to always be walking away empty handed.  So imagine my delight when I happened upon a sale and found these treasures!

This tablecloth is just like the one that was bought by my mom in Paris when we visited together in 1977!  The lace is exquisite and it is perfect on my small round table!  At only $4 it was a steal!!  I just love finding things that bring back precious memories!  My house is rather like a museum of memories and that suits me just fine!!


Speaking of exquisite…check out this beauty.  It is the perfect size for my dining table and now that my Easter decor is packed away is adorning the table.  Another steal at $4!


A close up of the lace detail… Really can you believe this was $4?  There is not a stain or blemish on it!


I have had a tea cup collection for absolutely years.  It was one of my first collections when I was first setting up house and started with a few cups from my grand mothers.  It grew so large that I had to cull it down and now I have been exceedingly particular about adding new pieces to the collection.  But I could not resist this darling little fortune telling cup!


Nor could I resist this cup featuring the state capital building.


I was unsure if I already had this piece (which I did), but at $3, I took the chance and brought it home.  I can always pass it on to someone else.


Oh how I love the painted milk glass pieces and this piece is just so very lovely!


Remember when I started doing some serious clearing out quite a few months back?  Well that stack of boxes just sat there in a huge pile taking up more than a corner of the dining area.  I finally pulled them all out, sorted through them and then took the best pieces in to work.  Every month the residents have a swap meet and always want lovely things.  It was the perfect solution to my clutter.  I had planned perhaps a yard sale…but the idea is exhausting….  The stuff I felt was just simple cluttering bric a brac I took to the charity shop.  It is nice to have my dining room back!

You know how some days you just awaken and think you must have a stay a bed day?  Today was one of those.  I had been feeling a bit run down and antsy and when I awoke I just made up a bed tray with tea and toast and settled back into the soft warm comfort of the covers.  I have been listening to the latest Kate Morton on audio and as I sipped my tea I finished the last chapter.  The Clockmaker’s Daughter was as her other books.  Twists and turns and unexpected happenings right up to the end.  It spans centuries and appears like a puzzle of the worst sort, but in the end all comes together beautifully.  Speaking of books on audio.  On that long trip down to Nevada we started listening to An Elegant Defense by Matt Richtel.  It is a fascinating story of our immune system.  We still have 5 hours to left to the end and will catch that up on our upcoming trip to Washington.  After I finished Kate Morton, I started listening to Wishes and Wellingtons by Julie Berry.  It is a young adult book and I am enjoying it immensely.  It is just the thing for a stay a bed day!

After a lovely stay a bed day, it was back to work as usual.  Then comes Saturday and what a beautiful day it has been.  I ventured out to seek some treasures but found none.  Back home and out the door with the dogs.  One of the reasons I love living in the PNW is the sheer beauty of the area.  Spring is in full swing here and the earth is awash with a kaleidoscope of color!

And now I must off to prepare for the next vacation.  In two days we are off to the east side of the state and to pay visit to middle daughter and grands!  I cannot wait!

Springing along,




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