A Good Haul…

Oh my and what a week end it was!  I got out to numerous sales and found some wonderful treasures!  I know, I know, I keep saying I have to downsize but hey I am being careful in what I chose to add.  I am also busy subtracting a great many things away.  So all in all that makes for a justification…right?!

First was my darling dolly (I am back into just thinking I need all these cute little dolls) and THIS…THIS amazing little Singer!  OMG isn’t it just too much?  I have added it to my shelf with my two other children’s sewing machines!



Salt and pepper Hummels…waaayyy tooo cute!


This little angel will travel to her new home in Ireland in a few months and join up with Christina’s collection.


Look at this!!  It is made of a metal and just the absolute most.  I have thought of perhaps removing the mirror and using it as a frame or chalkboard…..ideas ideas…


I was admiring this painting at the estate sale and was offered it for $2.  I just had to jump on it.  It is just perfect in my master bath.



More magical sounding little bells to hang on my tree out back.


For the grands of course…


This lace!!  There is several rolls of each…and it was $1 for the entire lot!


It is the year for linens.  I remember when you could not hardly afford to touch linens.  Now you can pick them up for pennies!


OK, I admit I have NO idea what I am going to do with this.  But I had these exact dolls when I was a child and so……. Yeah I know…


I like to pick up bits of the David Winter cottages when I find them.  The estate sale actually had a lot, and tried to tempt me to take them all by offering an amazing deal…but I only want a few and only certain ones.  See I can pass up a wonderful bargain.  And when I declined there was another woman who was just praying I would do so as she wanted them quite badly…so there we go.


Look at how lovely they are perched on my hutch..


Perhaps impulse…but just look at this!!  It is amazing and such a beauty.  It catches the morning light and just glows!


And this….this is absolutely beautiful!  The craftsmanship!


I did grab a few more bits and bobs, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and that to me was the best part of all!

Now that I have completed Holy Fire Reiki and began to practice it, I have been wanting to dig deeper into spirituality and spiritual healing modalities.  I found a few books that build upon Reiki practices and embracing Reiki as a lifestyle.  I also started my summer term and chose a course on Ayurveda. It is absolutely fascinating!  Very involved and I am overwhelmed with all the new terminology and concepts..but boy howdy I am loving it!


I spend a great deal of time on the phone with my sister Anna comparing books and sharing our newest acquisitions in the world of complementary and alternative healing.  The deeper I dig in the more I thirst for yet more knowledge!  It is all so exciting.

In looking for ways to improve my own health and thinking about the need for healthy microbiome, I took an afternoon and made up several batches of fridge pickles.  I had a nice collection of organic produce from Imperfect Produce that was just the ticket.  I adore anything pickled!  To make these I simply made up a brine of 1 part water to 1 part apple cider vinegar which I brought to boil along with some pickling spices.  I chopped up some veggies and added them to jars along with garlic cloves and lots of fresh dill.  I then simply poured the boiling brine over, sealed, cooled, and fridgerated.


I did a bit of playing with decor.  I love this piece that I got a few summers ago and found it up above the garage where I had stashed it away.  I thought it would be nice with some of my books, bears, and a Christmas cactus I found at an estate sale.


This cute little crib will eventually make it way to the museum in my hometown, but until then it is just the place for more of my bears.


Although I haven’t done any sewing lately, I never tire of this view as I pass by my sewing room.  The tree appears all afire and the loveliness of the soft pink walls always delights me.  I just love color!  Although I admire the all white rooms in magazines and on Pinterest, I just can’t imagine a room without color.  I do prefer the soft hues.  Perhaps some day I may just have a go at an all ivory or white room…although I think I would sneak some color in there somewhere!


Speaking of color.  Remember all those pieces I painted in a black Pottery Barn finish?

Well I am just over the black furniture….completely over it.  I want light and color and so I am busy looking at idea on Pinterest and think I will go with a lovely Duck Egg Blue.  But then I see a lovely mustard or a dusty rose…and it is off down another path.  But I am sorely in the mood to paint some furniture pieces as I enjoy it so.  If I could only decide upon a color and stick with it!  We shall see…

And now I must off and get that pesky school work done.

Happy Treasure Hunting,


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