And June is gone…

My but how the month of June just flew by!  I don’t care to have a month fly by so quickly!  I barely had to time to take a breath and in a few days it will be July!  But oh what a lovely June we had here in the PNW.  The weather remained cool for the most part and we even had some nice rainy days!  I admit I love rain and by the time summer is at end I am just begging for the nice wet days of autumn.  When I live on the east side of the state we could go months with no rain and oh how I prayed for a cloudy day and even a few sprinkles!

I took advantage of one of my days off and got out my Independence Day decor.  I have quite a collection and only did a few vignettes with a small amount of my collection.  I am pleased with it all.


I adore these little cross stitch pictures that I found a few years ago at a yard sale!


At work we have been doing all and sundry to raise money for the Alzheimers Association.  The residents have been tie dying up a storm and making all matter of things to sell.  Last Saturday we had a car wash, BBQ, and sale.  It was a lovely time with staff and residents joining in.  Everyone had on their tie dyed shirts and were busy bustling around doing this and that.  Unfortunately I cannot share pictures of my dear sweet residents but here are a few and the tie dye items I just couldn’t resist!


And why would I need a pink girly onesie?  Because a new granddaughter will be joining the family!  Becca surprised us all with the announcement that she was having a baby and we all were rooting for another baby girl!  This little one will arrive in December!  I am looking so forward to some knitting projects in pinks and sewing up ruffles and what not!

I did make a few yard sale stops on the way to the fund raising event (but of course I did!).  I found some goodies that just had to come home with me!  Well I actually hit the jackpot on holiday items!


Look at these Santas!!


Would you say I cleaned up on Halloween items?!  I just love every piece.  A great deal of Midwest and Bethany Lowe!!


I just cannot resist a cute mug.  My girls just love mugs too so I like to grab cute ones for them.  The scrabble mug is just way too cute!


I am always finding St. Francis as he is quite popular.  But when I saw this Madonna I just had to have her.  I think she is just beautiful!  I am working on making an alter in my home and my Madonna will be just perfect for that sacred spot!


I think these funky funny iron birds are just a riot and so picked them up.  I’m sure they will be passed along to one of the girls.


Comes a lovely three day week end and what’s a girl to do but begin some major rearranging!  Of course it helps if you just happen to but the mother of all curio cabinets!

This gorgeous beauty was posted on the marketplace and I just kept watching it as the price lowered.  Finally I could resist no more and took the bait. It just barely….honestly without an inch to spare…fit into my car.  At 80 inches tall and 46 inches wide it is one enormous piece!  It pays to have an extra wide long SUV when you are a devil of a thrifter!  But look how wonderfully my baskets fit into this lovely piece!


This new addition meant that I could now transfer the Hummels to a larger curio where they could more easily been seen and enjoyed!  The curio that they were in will be taken to work to used for the products my sweet residents make to sell.


With an empty wall I did a bit of rearranging of pictures.  So far I like it, but it may change….still a work in progress…


This has always been one of my favorite pieces.  I just love the shape of it for some odd reason.  I think it is perfect in the kitchen area by the back door holding some plants.



Once that was complete it was time to begin to work on my newest frame project.  I desperately need a decent bulletin board at work.  When I found this frame I knew it was just the ticket!  I will cover the cork board with linen and have yet another lovely piece to use at work.


Look at this gorgeous detail!


And now I must back to focusing on a research paper.  It is always nice to take a break and refresh the brain.  The week end is just beginning and there is going to be lots more to complete before it is over!

Happy Independence Day!


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