Painting and packing….

Only a bit over a week away and I will be on my way to Ireland to see my loves!  I have already been busy packing as I have a lot I want to take to Christina and the grands.  At minimum two large checks bags full of this and that.  I am so excited to see them all! This will be such a fun and exciting time as it has been over 20 years since I last visited Europe.

While waiting and planning I have been busy busy busy….  The husband has had two long week ends away and I used the time to do some deep cleaning and some painting!  I finally tackled that black furniture I had become so extremely tired of..


Boy howdy was it a great deal of work!  But isn’t it just absolutely lovely?  The black was so dark and dreary.  Not only do I love this color but it adds cheer to the entire room.  Next up I will paint the breakfast nook chairs and the bar benches (I am thinking a burnt orange).  I am getting all the dark colors out out out. When living in a house that is not full of light I find that I must do everything possible to add as much light as possible.

I just haven’t really been up to my usual running about chasing yard sales.  However, I have managed to find a few nice bits here and there. My favorite were these Hummels.  I adore each of them…that little piggy in the basket is way over the top in cuteness!


I also nabbed some gorgeous Christmas cards.


I think this little bit of needlepoint is lovely.  I just love the hand made items.  The detail is so exquisite.


I did find a few other bits, some sampler kits and in progress pieces, holiday bits, and a few kitchen odds and ends.

Another thing on my agenda for the week-end was to get some oily products made.  I made up numerous sprays and oily rollers that will I will take to work for the Alzheimers Association fundraiser.  I tried out a variety of recipes and mixes.  I had discovered Blackthorn’s book and wanted to make up every potion in it!  The book is a real treat and is now on my to buy list.

I do love how when I play in the oils the entire house smells so darn good!


I have really been utilizing the library a great deal lately.  I have been checking out every book on Reiki, Chakras, essential oils, and Ayurveda.  It has been bags and bags of books. But has given me a chance to really read a variety of authors and then pick the books I want to add to my own personal library. I like that I can order books from so many libraries so have a large assortment of titles available.  I have jumped head first into embracing Ayurveda principles for optimal well-being! So I have been collecting books on the practice. I was thrilled to find the three textbooks by Dr. Vad.  Below are my latest goodies:


I have also continued with some amazing books on tape.  A month or so back I started the habit of daily walks at work. I use that time to listen to my latest audio book.  Currently I am listening to Nancy Isenberg’s White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America.  Although a bit dry it is fascinating.  It just makes me sad that we were sold a false account of history in our public school systems.  It was a very exclusive story that held no place of honor for those who did not fit the white, middle-class version. I am horrified when I think of all those who did not fit this false bill of goods and how that impacted their own story and journey.  I just pray we can repair that damage as we seek to uncover and make known the truth and give place of honor to all peoples. There is just so very much work to be done!

And now I must away to finish up my last paper for summer term. Oh how I love this learning process and all the wonderful exciting things I learn that enrich my life!

Happy Happy,





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