Such bountiful blessings!!

Remember that genetic test I wrote about a month ago?  Familial hATTR Amyloidosis, a genetic mutation that produces an amyloid protein that forms into an abnormal shape, which can then deposit in clusters in the body’s nerves and other organs and build up to harm tissue and organ function.  It is a newer discovery and many clinical trials are being performed with new drugs.  My brother is in once such trial and why all the sibs were tested.  It is wicked and destructive and being a dominant gene there is a 50% chance of having it if a parent has the gene.  I was more worried for my daughters and grands than myself.  Yesterday my results came back and I AM NEGATIVE!!  Hallelujah!!  Although I will tell you, there is a great sense of guilt as so far 3 of my sibs have tested positive and are fighting heart issues and neuropathy.  It makes me feel sick to see them suffer this!  Especially my older sister who devoted her last 10 years or so to caring for my mom. My heart breaks just thinking about it….. So while I thank God and count my blessings, I am also deeply saddened.  Yet I feel I can now move forward and just get on with living.

We took advantage of my time off between jobs and spent a long week-end visiting Becca and grands in Nevada. It is always so wonderful seeing the grands.  Becca had a long week-end off school so it was just perfect.  We knitted and visited and stayed up half the night.  She is getting close to having sweet little Mimi, just a few more months!  While there Maddox had a birthday, too!


All too soon it was back home and business as usual.  I have determined that I need to get a handle on my health; which means shedding weight, eating right, and moving!  I do prefer a vegan diet, but consume too many and too much processed foods.  I love greens and veggies of any kind but find salads can get dull.  I was so thrilled to find these at my local grocer. They can be sprinkled on my salad, oatmeal, fruit etc.  Love them!


As a part of my renewed commitment to fitness I have started walking daily again.  This is one of my views.  The neighborhood across the street is all steep steep hills and I chose to walk that route to get a better workout.  Plus the views are so beautiful.  I believe nature is healing and we all need to engage with nature daily to maintain overall well-being.  I do love the PNW, the greenness, the rain, the cooler temps…


Sweet Misha is my walking partner.  She is just the sweetest little girl ever! So very well behaved.  I cannot take Bruno out as he is dog aggressive and weighing it at 90 lbs he is a bit too much for me to handle, so poor ole Booger has to stay home.


As I walk I always listen to a book on tape.  Currently I am listening to Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ by Giulia Enders.  It is a wonderful book on how the gut works and its impact upon our overall health. I just love audible and have listened to some amazing books.  I seem to be drawn to books that are health related and/or explain how our anatomy works.  I am fascinated with the body and with all the new medical research surrounding the mind/body connection….obviously as that is my PhD studies.  I am contemplating taking an Anatomy and Physiology class, however, as I have never taken one.

With being home, I am busy playing around with organizing everything and sundry and also putting together fun new vignettes.  I recently made this bulletin board but had no place for it, yet just loved it. I figured it would be lovely to frame some of my favorite art pieces by Kelly Rae Roberts.


I am not going to pull out all my fall decor, but wanted a nice color arrangement so put together this bouquet with assorted foliage pieces I had. It gives a nice little pop of color.


I have been getting in a bit of knitting as well.  I did finish a tea cozy and cast on another.  But the biggest project has been continued work on the Wildes Meer shawl. I am working on the applied border.  It is a new to me technique and I was so excited to give it a try.  You cannot tell in the pic, but when this is blocked open it is going to me aaahhhhmazing!  Lacy and light and gorgeous.  The applied border is slow going and I do a bit at a time.  This shawl will go to my bestie, Mia, and is in the SeaHawk colors.  I love the bold pallette!  My next cast on will be a baby sweater for baby Mimi.


It has been marvelous to just be home and hang out with the doggies.  I am the biggest homebody EVER!  I often have to force myself to leave the house as I love to just potter around the place; knitting, organizing, sewing, reading, playing in the yard, or watching my favorite Brit TV.


Well that has been my week, so much good news and a lovely visit!

Looking to all the lovely days ahead,




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