Today while looking back through my blogs, I realize that in December it will be 10 years since I started blogging! It is such a fun trip down memory lane to look back at all those blogs and relive so many many happy memories!  Why do I blog? There are myriad reasons.  I love having a written and pictorial record of my life as it offers me much joy and memories as I look back through those blogs.  Oh how I wish we had this technology when my children were young.  What joy it would bring to be able to have tangible record of all the wonderful memories that were created as they grew.  Memories can be so enhanced with a written and pictorial record.  It is in the mundane that most all of life’s wonders take place, what we see as the daily grind will someday be remember as the beautiful precious moments that make up life.  Another reason I blog is to leave a record for my descendants.  I have a few journals from my maternal great grandma and grandma.  How fun it is to read about my mother as a baby and child through their eyes.  I often wonder what life was like for my mother, grandmothers, and aunts. My children and grandchildren will have written evidence of their importance in my life and how deeply they are loved and cherished. They will see the memories we made together through my eyes along with a pictorial history. They will have an understanding of what life was like for me; the daily mundane and the special events and times.  Along with my blogs they will have years of pre-blogging journals.  What I do not blog for is to influence others or to develop a huge following.  I do not promote my blog, it is personal and if others discover it and enjoy my musings that is ok too.


Comes the day to begin my foray back into the work environment. It was nice to be greeted by these lovelies and makes the transition back into work not quite so painful.  I am just finishing up the first week and it is amazing how easily I can fall back into the routine of it all. Yet, I do miss my sweet days of pottering about the house without a care in the world!


With the days not yet falling into darkness early, I am still able to get home in time to enjoy some sunny days hanging out in the front room working on my studies while the doggies bask in the sun.  I love coming home to those sweet faces and all the doggie kisses!


I have been getting in some knitting time too.  In the evenings I like to put on a favorite Brit series and knit some rows while my favorite inspectors solve cases of deadly doings in the small quaint British countryside villages.  My project has been the baby sweater for baby in waiting Mimi.  I do love how this is knitting up so quickly.  I was concerned about the pattern directions, but they are very easy to follow.  I am delighted to have a return of my knitting mojo I tell you!


My plan is to make this dress to match out of one of these three fabrics.  I am leaning toward the kitties…


My bestie received the Wildes Meer shawl and posted this picture.  I am so happy she loves it!  I had also sent her some of the duplicate Hummels I had collected.


Although I did not bring out my Halloween decor this year, I have been playing around and moving things here and there.  This is by far my favorite room in the house. It is nice to just mix it up a bit…


Oh how I love Autumn.  The colors are so splendid and never disappoint!  While out on my walk the other day I just had to snap this shot… lovely!!


In my quest to spend less time on my phone and social media, I am doing much better with the dizzy spells that I was experiencing from visual vertigo.  I have not missed playing those silly games and am finding that I am spending more time knitting and reading.  I also have been putting together jigsaw puzzles on the table instead of online!   It is just so insidious how technology creeps in and takes over!

And now it is off to prepare some lovely vegan dishes to get me through the work week.

Happy Autumn!




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