By the lovely seaside…

Two weeks into the new job and it was off to Cannon Beach for a meeting.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  The trip there and back was a wonderland of gorgeous fall color and foliage.  We chose back roads to better enjoy the glory and splendor of the beautiful PNW.  It was certainly worth it!


The resort was right on the beach and was just a stairway and small path to the beach.  You all know how much I love green overgrown paths!



Cannon Beach is not our usual beach, as it is a bit further afield.  But I do think it is by far my favorite beach!  I love the impressive iconic Haystack Rock.  It is a beach made for long leisurely walks and I managed to get several in while there.


The doggies absolutely love the beach!  Misha goes crazy with the zoomies and spinning round and round.  I love to see the pure joy that both of them experience when on the beach.



I did manage to check out the community.  What a darling town with lots of little alley ways and hidden treasures to discover!



One of the hidden treasures discovered was a lovely walking path through a wooded area.  It was just the perfect way to end the day; a lovely long hike deep into wooded wonderland.


All too soon it was over and time to return home and back to the regular routine.

Unfortunately upon my return I was taken quite ill with one monster cold/flu, resulting in a sinus infection.  I have always taken my strong immune system for granted, but as my 40 something MD likes to remind me, I am not that young anymore…..  This cold/flu thing really took hold.  I never miss work, but ended up going home in the morning on Tuesday and still home on Thursday!  Good grief!! I love being home, but not when I am so sick all I can manage is the couch and binge watching Brit mysteries as I doze in and out of sleep.  But today I am beginning to feel human again and tomorrow is another day!


And now it is Halloween and the end of yet another month.  I love this season of holidays and the cool crisp air and rich splendor of colors that Autumn delivers.  I did not get out my Halloween decor this year, what with starting another job and all, I will just go big for Christmas mid November!  And yes, I am still listening to my lovely Christmas music on Pandora!  This year I have been very organized with my Christmas shopping and am quite proud of myself.  I have nearly all the gifts bought and will begin wrapping this week end.  With some of my loves across the sea, I must get those packages off quite soon!  I have enjoyed the process of finding just the right gifts this year so very much!

And now off to work on that baby sweater, I am just finishing up the sleeves and ribbing.  It is cute as can be and I will post a pic next blog.  Baby Mimi is close to making her debut  so knit I must!  As I knit I have started watching Vera on Acorn.  I cannot believe I just now discovered that series!!

Happy Haunting!



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