A Perfect Day…

You know how you sometimes are blessed with those perfect days that just warm your heart and soul?  They are the ones that help us truly feel God’s blessing and leave us with inner peace and happiness?  With me they always center around family or my doggies. Well last Saturday was one of those days.  The day was spent in the lovely little town of Coburg.  Coburg turns all out for Christmas, transforming into the sweetest Christmas village filled with antique shops, little boutiques, and eateries.  My sister was visiting my nephew there, so the hubby and I jumped in the car and headed over to spend the day.  The weather was perfect and we had the best time wandering in and out of the shops, visiting, gossiping, and just catching up.


My sister found this purse and was loving on it and I sneakily got the tag off and purchased it while she was unaware.  I had been wanting to plan a little surprise for her and this was just the ticket.  She is always the one who cares for everyone else and constantly treat others.  It was so delightful to “trick” her and let her be the one being treated!



In our ramblings, I found a few items for myself as well.  This hand painted milk glass candy dish is quite large at around 10 inches high.  It is exquisitely hand painted and so lovely.


One of the shops was filled with hand made lovelies and had an array of little snowmen atop old bottles and salt and pepper shakers.  I fell in love and just had to add this little sweetie to my Christmas collection.


Such a happy and joy filled day!

Back home and realized my Christmas cactus was filled with lovely buds just bursting to bloom.  I have another cactus with pink blooms but it is not yet in bloom.  Just love these plants and the blooms are so beautiful!


The other day while I was browsing marketplace I happened upon this Fenton basket.  The seller was asking peanuts and I just had to bring it home.  It took a few days, as I ended up sick as ever and missed a few work days so each planned meet up kept being cancelled.  But finally the basket was home….isn’t it a beauty?


In my quest to spend less time on electronic devices, I have been puzzling once again.  I just love the Charles Wysocki puzzles as they are certainly challenging enough to keep me busy for a bit, yet fun to assemble.  As I finish each puzzle, I am bagging the best ones up and cutting the picture from the box and will be sending them off to Ireland.  All the girls are puzzlers and Christina has the perfect place in her sitting room right at the window facing out to the sea!!

Oh the joy of aging, this week was my pleasure once again to have the lovely colonoscopy procedure.  The prep is as usual awful, but the procedure is painless and fast.  I did find it quite fascinating that they now keep you sedated but awake during the procedure so you actually have front row seats of the procedure on the big screen.  While some may find that a bit much, with all my research and learning about the human anatomy, and most recently the gut and microbiome, I was most fascinated.  Unfortunately being so heavily sedated I cannot remember much but as a dream.  I got a clean bill of health and can put that procedure behind me for hopefully another 7-10 years!  I do credit colon health with a WFPB diet.  Speaking of WFPB, I am doing the 21 day UC Davis challenge.  Every year they come out with a new cookbook of amazing plant based foods and offer a 21 day challenge.  It is great for both beginners stepping into a WFPB diet and those already following one.  The recipes are amazing and there are daily educational videos.

Oh my but this was another lovely week end.  Is it getting older that makes us savor each minute so dearly and treasure each day?  I am not sure, but I know for me, I try to recognize blessings in each day and live with a spirit of gratitude.  But onto the week-end..  The local Scottish Rite center was holding a doll show Saturday.  Be still my heart!  The center was filled with dolls of every age and size!


I have wanted a Chatty Cathy forever as I had one as a child.  But at $125 I was going to pass!


I did however, bring home this sweet baby!  It is Madame Alexander’s Pussy Cat.  I thought at first she was Puddin, as I have been looking for Puddin and they are very much alike.  Isn’t she just the cutest?  I imagine this baby will end up with a new layette and wardrobe and go to little Mimi.  When my girls were little, my mom bought them all Madame Alexander baby dolls.  They loved them to tatters!


After the doll show I found a few estate sales.  I did make a huge haul on clothing at one of them and some Christmas puzzles!  I also found an amazing deal on some Hummels! Look at these sweeties!


I have wanted these Valentine ones forever, and the sweet little birthday girl.


I spent the rest of the week end playing in my oils and mixing up some blends.  I also started the task of wrapping the Christmas gifts.  I just have a few more things to buy and I will be finished.  I have enjoyed the process so very much this year and now I am enjoying wrapping it all up in pretty paper and bright ribbons!

Yes it has been a most lovely few weeks!  Next week I will be getting out my Christmas decor and decking the halls!!

Tis the Season,


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