Yet another year comes..

So hard to believe that is it 2020.  I still remember 2000 like it was yesterday.  Where did 20 years go?!

Still missing my big boy Piggy Pooh so very very much!  He was my shadow and him being gone leaves a deafening silence in my life.  He was forever in my face and in my business and followed me from room to room.  Oh how my heart hurts…. The rain has been steady with little respite.  I generally enjoy these wet rainy days, but with the grief of losing my sweet Bruno I feel the cold, damp, grey just reinforces my sadness.  So I must find small joys in every day and know that he is without pain now and waiting over the rainbow bridge with all my loved ones, both fur and human, for the day that I will join them.fullsizeoutput_1ee2

I always have my sweet babies come home and will some day find a final resting place for them.  Oh how cruel that our furbabies have such short lifespans…


Little Misha is also grieving and we are doing as we can to help her.  She is such an independent little thing and prefers her solitary ways.  It is always a treat when she comes and curls up beside me.  Silly little girl.


Haven’t felt like doing much of anything.   But did complete my puzzle.  This was the hardest puzzle ever, but such a fun challenge!  I have so enjoyed working on the jigsaws again.


I did get all my Christmas down while the Christmas break was still on and have been working my way through drawers, closets, and cabinets cleaning and sorting.  I discovered the best ever facebook site that is neighborhood specific and you just list what you have to give or what you are looking for.  It is all free.  I have gotten a few things (dresser, toaster oven, bread machine, puzzles) and have given a lot of things.  I like that idea so much better than a goodwill trip. It’s nice to know it is going to someone who needs it.

I have been having fun playing with little vignettes here and there in the house.  With all the dreary dreary rain and cold, I wanted a nice pick me up and I think this pink does the trick.  It is so dark inside that I have been playing with my camera settings to try and get my pictures to be lighter and brighter.  Lots of shadows in this picture due to the darkness and having to put on all the lights.  This little arrangement has my grandmothers lamp and two baskets from my mom.  The teddy was my brothers and the cross stitch was a gift hand made by Christina so many many years ago.  Lovely things with many lovely memories.


I had been exploring the food delivery systems and after much research decided to give Hello Fresh a go.  The food, so far, has been delicious, the recipes so easy and user friendly, and the packaging really simple and easy to recycle or burn except the foil lining.  I am disappointed in the dairy used in their vegetable selection, but then they do not offer vegan.  I will give it a few more weeks and then try out one of the companies that offer plant based vegan.


Of course right as I get this meal plan, I realize I need an oven.  Mine has not worked for sometime.  So off I go to purchase a new gas stove/oven unit.  Well what should have been a simple task turned into a mess.  When the installers came we realized that my current one was hardwired in.  So I called an electrician who found it wasn’t hardwired but not grounded and was just a mess of cords and boxes laying under the stove.  He also alerted me to the fact that the gas attachment sticks up 5 inches and is in the front so the new unit will never fit…aaarrrggghhh…so next I call a plumber to come out and move the gas line attachment.  I will never ever understand why on earth the builders would have installed such a frecking mess.  So add another nice tidy sum on top of the unit.  I was absolutely not happy about all this extra and the additional days before we can have a working range!  Then just when we got the electric and gas sorted….the range would not fit into the space….lord love a duck…so it was sand and cut and wiggle and push and it was in.  Good grief what a fiasco.  But now I have an oven, and one that even has an air fryer!  So today being the first day it is operational, I will do some bread baking and fix another Hello Fresh meal.

Now that I have so much wonderful lovely time, I have been able to do more needlework and sewing.  I decided it would be nice to make the grands all these darling little pockets for Valentine goodies.  They are so simple and whip right up. I found the pattern on Moda Bake Shop.  They are just the sweetest!


I have really been enjoying doing embroidery once again so decided I would like to use some of the vintage transfers that belonged to my dear Auntie Lena.  I just loved these days of the week pots and pans.  I added some simple coloring with a crayon to enhance the design.  I actually did a bit of research to find the dish towels for these.  They are Harringdons from London.  The quality is lovely and they are larger than the standard dish cloth.  They come in three colors; the orange/reds, blues, and greens.  I ordered enough to make three days of the week sets and some additional for other designs I have.  So that will keep me busy for some time.


And now it is off to work on the next jigsaw puzzle and play yet another game of checkers with Jackson.  He is quite good at it and often as not can win!

Seek joy and peace,


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