Holding loved ones close…

I certainly could never imagine that the month of my 62nd birthday would bring such world upheaval as we navigate these frightening and unsure times we are facing.  I admit I am a bit unnerved and afraid, but it is the unknown that causes this.  I have always found knowledge is power, and I fear we are not getting transparency or knowledge in our current battle with the Covid19.  However, I am following all the protocols that are recommended for my age.  I have sheltered in and am a disinfecting fool since my husband works at a prison.  I did pull Jackson out of school a week before they shut down the schools.  We are homeschooling and it is going quite well.  Are days are peaceful and we have a nice routine.

Before the world here turned crazy, we made a trip to Eugene to add another family member.  We had been discussing getting another boxer, but with just Misha life was so much easier.  But a call from the rescue group and I was too easily persuaded.  So welcome to Koda.  He is a sweet boy and same age as Misha.  But he is much more hyper active and we have had to work on keeping him less rough around Misha.


But seriously, who could resist that face?  He looks a lot like my sweet Frassy.  He is still busy finding his place in the pack and we are (hopefully) guiding him well.

Jackson and I include walks in our daily routine.  While walking the other day, I noticed this cute little clay pot “man.” Isn’t he too cute?  I would like to make one such little man!


Fresh air and nature are vital to my own mental health and wellbeing.  Thankfully we have many green spaces close by.  Jackson enjoyed finding fun hiding places in all the lush green spaces.

I have still been doing a bit of finishing work in hopes of getting all the odd WIPs out of my basket.  I started these fingerless mitts I thing over a year ago.  These are from my own hand dyed yarn.  I did add some length to them as I wanted them to be able to be tucked into the coat sleeves. Last night I did the final cast off and ran in the ends.


I like to have a pair of socks always on the needles.  This pair is from my own botanically dyed yarn using marigolds and coreopsis.  I am making a simple rolled ankle pair.  I use my own pattern and just adjust the length.  I use size 1 needles, cast on 64, determine what ribbing I want and do such and then just knit the length I desire and use the fish lips kiss heel turn, then down the foot and finish off with a decrease at the beginning and ending of every row on alternate rows.  Simple and basic.


After seeing this amazing wool piece in our darling little wool store here I was obsessed with finding it.  The store had no pattern, just the finished piece displayed.  A quick online search and found it in an Etsy shop.  It has sat in my cart for a good month and after much debate grabbed it.  Can’t wait to get it started!


Before all the awareness of the virus and on one of my last trip to thrift I found these cross stitch books.  I haven’t done cross stitch in forever and not sure if my eyesight is up to it, but I am anxious to give it a try again.


Be still my heart!  For my birthday letters and a lovely package arrived in the mail from Ireland.  Look at all the sweet treasures!  Every single item is just precious!  Plus there was also some delicious chocolate bars!


My grandson, Frank, bought this rosary for me when his class visited the shrine at Knock!  It is beyond lovely.  I find saying the rosary so comforting and meditative.  This one, I discovered, glows in the dark as the inner beads hold in the light.  What a special and precious gift!


Along with the gifts were some amazing artwork by the girls.  Charlotte is such a gifted artist and photographer as she has the gifted artist eye.  She did the avocado in oil crayons.  I found a matte for it and can’t wait to get it framed and hung.  The impressionist piece by Elizabeth is so full of energy, yet peaceful.  I can’t wait to get them both hung so I can enjoy seeing them daily!


I believe as we face these crazy and unprecedented times, it is important to focus on the small daily joys.  There are so many of us that have our families scattered all over the world in a time when we want them all near and under our wings.  I am grateful for technology that allows me to keep in touch and offers the ability to see each other in real time.  It is frightening and I must be careful that I do not let fear overcome me.  Let’s all be kind, thoughtful, selfless, and look to the common good as we travel this journey together.

Holding steady,


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