Slow Sunny Days


Sunny days mean lots of outdoor time; long walks, gardening, taking my knitting or latest project out to the patio so I can enjoy the lovely weather.  It is nice having lots of green open spaces just a few minutes walk away.  It is such a joy to watch at spring unfurls in all her splendor.  For beauty, you can’t beat the PNW!


I love this bush, it reminds me of the Bible story of Moses and the Burning Bush.


In my little garden spaces I have sprouts shooting up daily it seems.  I find such silly delight in seeing the new growth.  I finally got in myriad flower seeds and hope to see a nice riot of color as time progresses.  I would love to add more perennials, but well that can wait until next year.  Also got my raspberries bushes staked and cleaned up.  Every year I extend the bed a bit further.  And got in a few more strawberry plants.  I was wanting a few basil plants and it seemed every online source was sold out.  But I found a set of three on amazon for only 19.99.  They arrived in great shape and the seller had even thrown in a free cilantro plant.


Look at all the little shoots just sprouting up!


These are the stackable planters I purchased.  They will hold beans and the bottoms have cucumbers and zucchini as it can trail all over this area freely.


Since I cannot get to the nursery I scattered a myriad of flower seeds in this bed and will hope for the best.




Well I fell down a new crafty rabbit hole…as if I needed to do that!  I found these blocks a few years ago in a charity shop and they floated around my sewing room in a bag, at one point I almost donated them back.  The with the desire to crochet an Attic 24 style throw, I decided to start by joining these and finishing up this throw.  I just love how it turned out!  I have not done much crochet so this is a new craft for me.  I prefer the look of knitting for anything but throws.  I have a zillion threads to run in and this will head off to my granddaughter for her college apartment.  Being made of acrylic the likes of Red Heart, it will be indestructible!


After completing this I was ready to tackle the throw that I had acquired the yarn stash that I shared last blog.  Aren’t these just the yummiest colors?


I am making the same pattern as the throw in the background.  I treasure that throw, Becca made it for me and it is huge and so absolutely gorgeous!


Today we decided to revisit a path we had not walked for several years.  It was always one of my favorites and I loved taking the grands along this path.  I love an overgrown path deep in the forest, where it seems any minute a wee fairy or one of the little people may peep out at any moment.



Such a lovely path and one that I won’t again wait years to visit!

Our sunny days are filled with a lot of back yard time with bonfires and BBQ. Jackson enjoys shooting his sling shot but it finally bit the dust from overwear.  I surprised him with a new one along with darts for his dart board.  I like to see him spending days outdoors instead of in front of any electronic devices!  He also built the fire pit.  I like to burn all the paper items instead of tossing in the garbage and that is his job.


On these sunny days it is hard to believe the world had descended into sorrow.  But I never want to forget my blessings and make a point to offer up my prayers and healing energy for all those afflicted and effected.




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