Never too old..

I have been wanting a Ukulele for quite some time, but just never took the leap and purchased one. I used to play the guitar, but it has been 30 years or more since I played.  My granddaughter, Doodle bug, was face timing with me and we were discussing this as she had been thinking about getting a guitar.  We had a lovely discussion and was I ever surprised when a few days later this arrived in the post:


My very own ukulele!  What a fun and very thoughtful gift.  I am having a lot of fun with it, but boy are my finger getting sore.  I need to get those callouses built up!  Then Erica called to say she had also bought a Ukulele and Doodle, of course, bought her  guitar.  So we are having fun learning our new instruments.  You are never too old to learn new things and this old dog is practicing some new tricks!

I have to say I have been enjoying working on this crochet throw very much.  It is so quick and easy and if a mistake is made it is easy to frog back, unlike knitting that takes skill to pick the stitches back up. This is especially true when using small needles and near impossible when working on lace!  While I am not quite as happy with the colors as I thought I would be, I think I will like them better as I get further along.



I discovered a bag of assorted yarn while cleaning the storage above the garage.  Mostly baby yarn, but this little skein of sock yarn was in it as well.  I thought well that might just make a very fun pair of ankle socks.  I couldn’t resist another cast on and I always like to have a pair of socks on the needles.  This is a rather small skein, but I will use a coordinating color on the toe and heel and if I do ankle length, I think I will have enough.


On Friday we put on our masks, gloved up, and ventured out to the local nursery.  We went right as it opened and had the entire place to ourselves up until we checked out.  I was able to get some nice spots of color, a bay plant, more blueberries and a few other items I was missing.

I always grab old wheelbarrows when I see them as I think they make the cutest accent pieces.  The hubby put some holes in the bottom of this rusted out barrow so I could use it to create a nice little spot of color.  I have sprinkled a myriad of flower seeds all around this bed and already little sprouts are popping up.


We also ordered up a couple yards of bark chips.  The hubby and Jackson spent Sunday working on the back area until we ran out of landscaping fabric.  But already it is looking so much better!

This area is quite empty.  It is partial sun and I am thinking a star jasmine would be lovely growing against the fence.


Due to having a male boxer we put up this little fence to keep Koda from peeing all over the blueberries!  Need to do the same for the raspberries.  All the decor in the back are bits and bobs collected at estate and yard sales. I always have a family of birds nesting in the tall bird house.


It is coming right along and I am pleased with what we have done so far.  Lots more to do, but all the time to do it. I also added fairy lights to my cabana and am thinking of spray painting the dark wicker furniture a nice bright color.  Anything to bring yet more cheer!

While out on our walk the other day we came across this


We have huge families of turkeys that walk the neighborhood on a regular basis, but this one was alone and we were able to get quite close to her.  Such lovely majestic birds!  I like that we have these turkey families roaming our streets.  But I really enjoy birds and have my feeders placed all around my yard to attract them.  I especially like the little chickadees.

Well dears, that is about all my “doins” as my grandma would say.  I hope you are all healthy and finding peace during this trying time.

Strummin away,


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