Quiet Days and a First Harvest

Dear me but if I didn’t go and put my back completely out.  It had been hurting pretty badly for a week, but I was sure I could just walk it out and continue along with the yard work and such, until I lifted a huge pot.  Ouch, that did it and was cause for a trip to the urgent care….during Covid that is not something that I wanted to do!  But I must say Kaiser was so organized and there was absolutely no contact with anyone but the md and rn.  Muscle relaxers and a stern lecture to give it time to heal and I was back home and didn’t need to be told twice to give it a rest!  So I had a good 4 days of being unable to do much of anything due to the pain level.  Today was the first day I finally felt I was able to start doing some modified activity and even get out for a walk!  Good Grief I hope I never do that again!!

Mother’s Day was spent quietly at home.  I took a lovely walk and putter about in the yard moving a few things here and there.  I then settled down to watch the mystery series Lochness on Acorn TV while working on my crochet afghan.  I must say I am hooked on the ease and simplicity of crocheting.  It is almost instant gratification as projects seem to go so quickly.  I am 2 rows short of 1/2 through this afghan.  At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the color scheme, but now that it is further along I am finding it lovely.


While convalescing I was able to get the buttons on Mimi’s sweater and block my latest pair of completed socks.


I love this golden yellow yarn.  It is some of my botanical hand dyed.  I used coreopsis and marigolds.  I love the flecks of colors throughout.  I reminds me of the wheat fields back home on the farm.


Having my hubby home full time has been wonderful for completing so many things that we just never got around to.  He has gotten several jobs that had been neglected completed and we have little by little been transforming the yard.  We have gotten most of the bark chips spread and will be getting delivery of pea gravel next to finish up the back.  I have put in so many lovely herbs and veggies.

My little strawberry bed is coming right along! Jackson and Jimmy put a nice rock border around it.


I love this bird house.  Every year we have a little family of birds move in and make nests. I absolutely adore having a myriad of birds visiting my gardens.  I have several bird feeders out front where I can watch the birds out my window at my desk and just today I saw one using one of the two bird baths I put out.  I especially love the little chickadees.


I was delighted to find a bay plant.  It is one of the herbs I had been hoping to add so was delighted to find it at my local nursery.  Until I decide where I want to plant it, the pot and basket will be home.  Now if I could find some Borage.


My raspberries have never looked so good.  We did place a little gate going in as silly old Koda decided that it was the only place he preferred to poop….good grief..


I’ve been playing around with the hodge podge of yard decor I have collected over the years.  It is all from thrifting.  I love all the faces and have several more I need to get put out.


We also had our first harvest.  Some lovely radishes and cilantro.  It is so delightful to finally have things growing.  That shady back yard just didn’t cut it at all.


The doggies enjoy nothing more that hanging outside with us and basking in the sun while we work away.


It was so delightful to finally get out for a walk again after 4 days trying to heal.  As we walk through this little nature area we often see Blue Herons, but we can never get a picture.  However, this guy was totally chill with us and gave us the perfect photo opportunity!  They are just so beautiful!


I finally got around to getting my last batch of naughty knitting bags uploaded to Stitches Plus Purls Etsy and they were all sold out excepting 3 in a matter of hours.  Now that I can move again I must get busy on another batch.  Speaking of bags, I found this naughty naughty fabric on Spoonflower a month ago and ordered numerous pieces.  I waited a month for it to finally arrive.  This will become bags for the shop.  Very naughty but oh so fun.


Summer courses have began and I am taking Spirituality and Health.  I really have enjoyed pursuing my PhD at this stage in my life.  One of the beauties of Saybrook is that each class is not only geared to learning the knowledge to go out and practice your trade, but also focused on helping you dig deep and grow as an individual.  This course is no exception and comes at a perfect time as the world grapples with a pandemic and the personal impact on my own little world and self.  I have grown so much in knowledge in the three years since I started the program.  I have loved the learning process and each class has been like opening a rare and beautiful gift.  Well there have been a few courses that just didn’t excite me, but I still learned a great deal. This fall I will need to begin the long journey of writing my dissertation…oh my!  The biggest problem is I have no idea whatsoever what to do my research on.  It has to be a passion as a dissertation is so extensive and a full 2 years of work so you must have a great and sustainable desire for the research project.  Well I will figure something out I am sure.  My focus has not been on the end goal, but instead on each course and the joy and enrichment they have provided.

Well dears, the gardening is calling me out to enjoy her beauty and see the newest little seedling popping up out of the earth.  I wish you all a lovely Mother’s Day and a heart filled with contentment and peace.


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