Be Still My Heart

After my wonderful and so love filled visit with Becca and family, it was quite a let down that Erica had been exposed to Covid so that visit was cancelled. Imagine my delight when after a negative test and quarantine they arrived on my doorstep for a nice long visit! Oh how full was my heart! I have been so lonely for all girls and grands. I cannot even think of my loves tucked away in Ireland without crying. My heart hurts with missing them!

Oh to open my door to the whole bunch minus my Doodle who is busy at the Uni until break. We got busy and just moved furniture and made up 3 beds and had plenty of room to fit everyone! There was lots of game playing and puzzling! I was so wonderful to have the house overflowing with laughter and the busyness that a houseful of young ones can bring.

You never know what you will find in your pictures when you leave your phone with your silly grands!

Silly Lou! I just adore her sweet freckle

All too soon Erica and grands were off back to their busy lives and my life returned to routine. But with both wonderful visits, I had many memories and the warm glow of love to keep my heart full.

With the house once again so quiet, I decided it was time to begin the sewing room purge. I have so much fabric and much I will never use. So I sorted through it and managed to empty one of the shelving units. I will destash all this fabric on IG after Christmas. I also decided I needed to move the cutting table. My reason for all this was to make more room for the next visit. If the cutting table could be folded during visits, it would open up a great amount of space. All that sorting and purging and I accomplished exactly what I set out to do. In the process of purging, I came across some yarn and decided to cast on a sweater rather than purge it. I also found this pattern for the cutest little hooded sweater. It has been knitting up so quickly and is a fun project.

I also cast on a pair of socks. I like to keep a pair of socks on the needles when I just need some mindless knitting. I like how these are turning out. I used some of my own hand dyed for the heel and will also use it on the toe.

Misha is healing quite well and we are able to return to daily walks (as rain allows), yet still not back to our usual 3 miles. I just love these walks as I find that I need daily doses of nature for my own wellbeing! On my last walk I took the time to focus on the little things.

The PNW is just filled with so many wonders and beauty. I love walking through the wild green tree filled areas. It makes my heart sing and fills my soul with wonder and joy.

Is everyone else enjoying the so sweet and sappy Christmas movies and all the wonderful Vlogmas videos on youtube? I just love when my favorites engage in vlogmas. I have been soaking up Voolenvine, Stitched with Mrs D., Hawthorne Cottage, Knitting Expat, and others here and there that catch my fancy. I get so much inspiration from the crafty/knitting vlogs! I admit tho that I just love all things Christmas. I have been engaging in a bit of baking and candy making….and eating too much of the results! I have been listening to Christmas music since October (Ok actually I listened to a bit in September) and the house is all aglow with twinkling lights. My advent wreath is up and my candles burning bright as I engage in the centuries old tradition of prayer and mindfulness of the reason for the season. The only change I would make to the holiday is to place it deeper in the dark long winter…perhaps mid January to break up the bleak dark days.

The advent gifts I did for the girls this year have been a huge hit! Every day they each open a small gift and it has been so fun to witness their joy and delight as they look forward to each days little token of love from home. It was quite a job to come up with 75 items and then wrap each one, but it was most certainly worth it. I am thinking next year I may do handmade items only such as ornament, socks, etc. Time will tell and I shall see…

The other day I got the sweetest happy mail! Louella always sends me the cutest handmade beauties! I have nearly an entire tree decorated with the little lovelies she has sent. I just love these. The stockings had treats for each of the doggies too! Just love happy mail!!

And now I must off and walk my sweet doggies. A small break in the rain means it is time to make the outdoor dash!

Sending Joy!


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