Visits and Vaccine

Last week past was one of those most lovely weeks that will be stored away in my memories. My brother, Fred, who is fighting the good fight against the rotten amyloidosis, was to be in Pdx for a few nights along with my sister and niece. It was the perfect opportunity to go join them and spend a few days just being together. We had a marvelous time. Sis, Sue and niece, Rachelle and I did get in some fun shopping while Fred rested at the hotel. It was such a glorious time with no schedule other than just being together! The weather was beautiful and the time was so precious! Unfortunately I did not get any pictures, but my mind is full of memories and precious pictures of this time! My niece did so generously gift me some of her doll collection. Just look at these darlings! The Madame Alexander Little Women collection. I just love them! Three darling daughters, just like my own!

Back home and to routine. I just love my daily routine including the walks. My soul needs the daily dose of nature! The PNW puts on such show in the spring. The daffodils are thick; lovely lemon yellow with their little lacy heads pointed toward the sun. They are indeed one of my favorite flowers!

I just love all the oddities I see when out in my little patch of nature.

My sweet little girl is getting such a frosty face. How they both love the walks too! Sadly the walks have had to be shortened, Misha’s back leg is acting up again after the stem cell is long over and done. She is getting some rehab and we are cutting the walks back to a mile until she is better. I think this may be the new normal. It appears she did not tear her meniscus which would explain why the stem cell was not 100% successful, but I have read that often it takes two injections. Although I banked the cells, I prefer not to put her through that again and will stick with rehab for now.

Speaking of nature, I started reading Sharon Blackie’s The Enchanted Life and find it just so perfect for this point in my life. She discusses how our western culture leaves the gift of wonderment behind in our childhood and how destructive this is to ourselves, humanity, and the earth. Being a child of a huge imagination, this book resonates so deeply with me. In my 5th decade I began to shed the western views and re embrace my own sense of wonder and belief in the magical and mystical. It has coincided with a spiritual growth, as how can you truly believe in the spiritual without a sense of wonderment and mysticism?

I have been getting in quite a bit of knitting in the evenings. I discovered a new Brit mystery series, George Gently, and I am hooked. It is so nice to curl up in my oversized comfy chair, knitting in hand, and fall deep into the English countryside and a chilling mystery. I finished the sampler blanket and loved making it. All the different stitches kept it interesting and it simply flew off my needles! The picture is awful, it is so hard to get a good picture of some knitting projects…sigh…

Since I enjoyed playing with so many stitch patterns, I decided to dig out a sampler wrap pattern I had purchased some time back. I used my own botanically hand dyed yarns in DK weight and went to work. It is amazing how fast this is knitting up as well!

I have been waiting some time for the vaccine to open to my age group here in Oregon. When I heard it was coming I jumped onto the net and immediately booked an appointment at a local pharmacy. I got my Pfizer the first day of the opening! I did experience a bit of a reaction as I woke up in the night with chills and headache that continued through most of the next day with a general feeling of malaise. But I have the first shot down and honestly feel like I can breath again and can perhaps put all this behind me and get on with seeing all my girls and grands again. Next thing will be to book a flight to Ireland!! It really is such a huge relief!!

Well with March comes the slow return of YARDSALES!! Hurray!! On Fridays, I do a bit of driving around to scout for sales. I have happened to find a few here and there and found a few small treasures. This year is much more about a budget, so it is an added challenge and fun to see how far I can stretch $5.

I love this glass globe and it is a lovely addition to my collection. The stand has a multicolored light so that the globe can be illuminated.

I have quit collecting milk glass but when I saw this little beauty for a dime, I just had to bring it home.

Who doesn’t love a cathedral? I have such fond memories of visiting numerous on my trips and when I saw this beautiful vintage sketch of Reims Cathedral, well I couldn’t resist for .50.

I also got a few nice tops that I can wear as we transition into spring. Oh the joy of the hunt as the season begins again. Thrifting is one of my favorite past times!

Also while out I had to grab a few mugs that I saw. I just love the huge soup type mugs. I just seem to have a thing for mugs in general. I like the ones that just feel right in your hand. To me cosy is a warm mug of coffee or tea in a mug that fits in your hand like a glove, spreading warmth. Silly but just one of those peculiarities….

I recently moved one of my bird feeders to a spot directly in front of the window. Oh how I enjoy the little birds that come and feed each day. Have you all be noticing the birdsongs early in the morning as spring has sprung? It is one of those sounds that I never tire of and as lovely as any symphony.

I just cannot get enough nature at this time of year. Do you find the same feeling is driving you? I want the windows open and prefer to be outdoors. It is the perfect time also to start the deep cleaning, although I generally prefer most of that in the fall and winter as I prepare to hibernate indoors.

And now I must off and complete yet another assignment for this terms course. It is winding to the end and I have a paper to get busy on. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course on the Mythic Journey. Like I keep repeating, this PhD is the best gift I have ever given myself. Each new class is like Christmas and the joy of opening a new gift and discovering just how much you love that particular gift.

Happy Spring everyone!


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