So Much Catch Up

I have not blogged in forever, I did start one several months ago, but just never completed it. Do you have those times when you just don’t feel the ability to write, be it journaling, blogging, letter writing? I go through those dry periods and one such happened over the summer. But now I am back. I do want to publish the last blog I was working on before starting anew. So this is very outdated…several months so. But be that as it…..

June 2021

Oh so very much has transpired since I last posted. First was a lovely train trip to Cali for a wonderful visit with Erica and family. And greeting the newest precious grand baby, Grayson! He is a darling baby indeed!

While visiting I helped the grands engage in some fun tie-dyeing. I had found a wealth of white cotton shirts that would fit each and took them down. It was fun and the results were amazing! All so very different and beautiful. They also had fun dyeing up a batch of onesies for baby brother!

While there we also celebrated the graduation of sweet Milsie. She was graduating from both HS and CC as she took all the courses to complete her AA during her HS years! What a great accomplishment! She is off in the fall to LA to college, what a brilliant and brave young woman is Milsie!!

It was a great time visiting everyone and meeting my newest dear grand, Grayson!

Next it was home and what a flurry of busyness followed! My youngest took a nursing position in the town I had loved before relocating to the PNW. Since her husband was staying in Nevada to work, I decided to join her and provide help with the kids. We found a beautiful home with a nice mother-in-law 3 bedroom apartment in the lower floor. It is overlooks a park and large pond and is absolutely beautiful inside and out. But oh what a flurry of work, the hubs and I decided to sell the house while the market is so high and just move our belongings to WA where I will be living. He will also stay in OR and work for several more years. So I got busy and packed the entire house in the 10 days prior to my leaving for WA. I managed to get it done but what a job!

In relocating I only initially brought what we could fit in the car, which meant I was moving in with no furniture except a chair my daughter brought. I have managed and picked up pieces here and there over the past few weeks. I nearly have a nice little place together. What a change this has been.

I am posting this and will follow with an update of what has transpired since my move and return to a community that I had once loved so dearly.

Embracing change,


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