New Horizons

Oh my, it has been a season since I posted. It has been a very busy busy time with so many changes. I shall attempt to catch you all up as I share my latest adventures.

I have currently returned to the little community in eastern Washington that I left 8 years ago. I still have my home in Salem, but am busy preparing to put it on the market. But first, what brought about such a change and so very sudden. Well my daughter completed her nursing program and took a job offer here and I came along to help out with the grands. We found a lovely home with a beautiful dual living set up, absolutely perfect for both families and well, next thing we were both relocated. Let me tell you we moved during the brutal heat streak and the AC in the new house promptly quit. Oh dear was it a few miserable days! But all was soon sorted and we settled in. Very sparsely at first, I had what I could fit in my car and Becca had a smaller truck load. Both of us had homes to prepare and sell and husbands staying behind to work and visit as able.

Returning to a small community has been challenging. So many things I took for granted are not to be found in this rural area. I admit, it has been ups and downs as to my feelings about liking the return to a rural area. There are a list of pros and cons and they both keep growing as each month passes. The biggest adjustment that I have faced has been caring for 5 children with a 4 y/o and a 1.5 y/o. Boy Howdy do they keep me on my toes. Becca works 12 hour shifts so I am one busy grandma. Thankfully the two oldest are so amazingly helpful!!

It has been interesting readjusting from an entire house to a smaller apartment, but I was up to the task! Between thrifting, bargain hunting, and getting down right creative, I have managed to put together quite the sweet little home, or my hidey hole as I call it. My living area in the house is bright and cheerful and I have a nice little deck which I enjoy spending many evening and early mornings on. Let me share some pictures of my little home.

I brought many of the items that had great meaning to me; mother’s baskets, gifts from the grands and my girls, things with sentimental value, and things that just make my soul sing.

I found all these curtains at a yard sale. I felt they added just the right ambiance to my little space.

My darling teen grand daughter Bella, who has the 3rd bedroom in my apartment, likes to call this our witchy area as it has all our special crystals, sage, herbs, and other items that we treasure.

I am waiting to find just the right overstuffed chair to replace the one with the blues. I am hoping for something in a nice rose shade…

I loved the detail on these French country chair I found on a great sale. And this little chest I grabbed from a yard sale…isn’t it precious?

I have a lovely sewing area as well in this sweet three bedroom apartment. Don’t mind the mess…..

All this shelving I found on marketplace and at great prices. I just had to have all my fabric and craft items surrounding me!

And a lovely large bright bedroom filled with my special things and a nice large writing desk!

This little wicker dresser I picked up for pennies and painted. It works perfect for my clothes and small tv.

I also have a nice little book nook, but I brought very few of my books. However, it is perfect storage for the wonderful wine offered here and my sewing room overflow.

On one of my yard sale outings I happened upon an artist who was retiring and selling off what was left of her work. Oh my Gosh! Beautiful pieces and such a wide range of styles. I’ll share what I found.

The cross stitch was made by my eldest Christina decades ago, it is so lovely.

However my most precious piece is an original by my friend Candice! I love this piece as it reminds me of my father and I when I was a child. I adore her work!! Notice the small little canvas as well. Isn’t her work just AMAZING!

I hope you enjoyed the tour. It is really just a perfect space. Although I have not a one of my hutches, which I dearly love, I have managed to still surround myself with the things which are dear to me and create a warm and cozy home. And is is nice being surrounded by family. I still dearly miss my eldest and grands tucked over in Ireland, and my middle in Cali. But my siblings are all much closer and I can now visit them.

My days still follow the same rhythm, early slow morning savoring the dawn of a new day, walks with the dogs (not as often as I’d like), knitting and crafting, and still working away on the PhD. Now with the cooler weather I am getting out more. I do miss the beautiful PNW and all my lovely lovely green spaces, but I am finding the beauty in my current surroundings and appreciating a more rural and quiet community. I have always believed that wherever you go there you are and you must simply bloom where you find yourself planted. So I find I will bloom here in this space and this season of my life.

To new adventures!


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