And comes autumn…

Oh yes! Beautiful lovely Autumn has arrived! How I crave this time of year! I awake in the dark and the morning comes creeping slowly casting her light across the yard and trickling down to the pond below. The air is crisp and cold, with a hard edge that hints at what is to come. I love to go out onto the porch, wrapped in a woolen blanket and meet the dawn. I have once more dedicated myself to my morning rituals; a scalding cup of milky coffee while I read the daily prayer from Tess Ward’s beautifully written book of Celtic Prayers. I must share an insert so you can experience the beauty of her prose.

“Blessed be you for Mother Earth, for her fruits that we may not go hungry. Blessed be you Creator of all, for supplying the sun and the rain. May I co-operate with you providence and know your blessing this day.

Praise to you Generative Spirit, for as the wind blows the leaves, and all around you crisps and curls with brownness and death, you show your care with pumpkins, squashes and gourds, golden and ochre, bulbous and buxom. And underfoot cream and magenta root vegetables ready to pull, hardy turnips, parsnips, beetroot and swede. On tree and bush, clusters of berries in scarlet and October orange, and nuts cradled in silken case within hard clasp of the shell, feeding birds and squirrels in scarce times. Praise to you.

Strange God who made dying beautiful, I abandon myself to your curious beauty this day. Let me cherish the blood and bone of all the life you have given when the fears of no-life creep in and I am cold. May I befriend the dark with open eye at summer’s end. My I stoke the feisty fire of my desire as vibrant as the leaves I see. May my creative impulses leap like the speckled salmon as I embrace the fertility of winter. May I love the ground on which I stand, as the leaf mold and decay of summer mulches the soil and strengthens roots. May I hunker down, curled up like a hedgehog, in the dark peace of quiet. May the wholesome table bulge with roasted earth fruits, steaming pies and warming drink, fueling my body for wintery days. Let me celebrate the sacred vigor of dying as I welcome this autumn day.”

This is just a sampling of a part of one daily prayer as there is more for the ending of the day. I just love how Tess uses imagery so vividly. I always read these out loud as I feel only in that way can I truly capture the beauty of the prose!

I have not been as regular with my daily walks, but have been out to explore a few places. Over the week end I headed out with Bella to one of my favorite walking trails. I wanted to see if there were many changes in the last 8 years. What I found was great improvements, as they paths are now being maintained. It still captured that sacred special feeling as we wound down through trees over arching the path. It offered a small bit of what I dearly miss about the PNW, the green silent secret paths that twist and turn, filled with mystery and magic.

I must admit I have done little to no sewing, I did start a few bags, but they are still sitting half done on my cutting table. I have been knitting, simple socks and a Child’s dress I started ages ago. Most of my time is taken up with childcare and PhD studies. But I am very content as I am finally settling into this new role. It has not been without its own trials and many bumps. But I love that I feel more of a purpose now. As much as I adore retirement, I was craving a greater purpose once again. My classes are going well. I am finally taking my research courses. I had dreaded and put them off until the last. But so far so good! I still have 2 more years to completion since I have been going part time. Next year I will begin the dissertation process, which is an entire year or more in itself. No rush, just enjoying the process….

Do you believe in magic, do you still have that sense of wonder and awe? I work to ensure that I never lose it! So when I was walking last week and came upon a fairy ring of mushrooms, I was enchanted! How wonderful, how magical!! The ring was only half as it was intersected by the path, but a perfect half arch was still clear.

Isn’t that just magical? What a wonderful gift from nature!

I have none of my holiday decor here, so have had to get creative with what I can find around me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the flowers and herbs growing in the yard and put together this little arrangement for my table. Of course a puzzle always takes up the majority of the table.

I have been enjoying a few yard and estate sales here and there and have found some lovely treasures. It is certainly much more enjoyable to have little companions on my outings. I have done so many things alone for so long, that I forgot just how much more enjoyable it is to have company as I treasure hunt, it certainly doubles the fun!

I have taken full advantage of the library here and find myself reading a great deal more than I have in years. When you have a 1.5 and 4 year old under foot, reading is one activity (along with knitting) you can do and still keep an eye out for mischief that only that age can find. Here is my latest pile. I discovered a you tube channel by a young woman in Portland, Morgan Long, which I have throughly enjoyed and discovered new authors to explore.

I don’t watch a much TV, but when I do it is either a cosy British production or You Tube. I enjoy so many You Tube channels and have discovered so many new things and gotten great ideas. There is just such a myriad of amazing women out there sharing their world and knowledge through You Tube; knitting, nature, reading, crafting, decorating, cooking, it is all there and then some! It was through the channel above by Morgan Long that I discover moon lamps! The kids have had a great time with them!

What could be more fun for a little one than holding the moon in your hand!

Well it is time now to focus on some research and churn out this week’s posting then get my sweet doggies out for a walk.

Adventure awaits!


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